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SPARK: Fantasy Personas
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/17/2011 18:39:34

This volume in the "spark" series goes well beyond the usual "d100 NPC personalities" type of product or table. It presents a series of tables by which a DM can randomly generate an NPC personality that is well-rounded enough to develop into an interesting character. For each NPC generated in this fashion, you establish (randomly, if you're using the tables as intended) a basic personality, an outlook on life, a motivation, and one or more secrets. The author supplies nine examples of possible configurations worked into one-paragraph NPC descriptions. The tables are well-conceived and have a lot of "replay" value, although you may wish to write new secrets as you begin to use up the ones on the tables. Despite a few grammatical errors (especially the misuse of semicolons in place of colons or commas), the treatment is a "good read" as well as a mechanically useful supplement.

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SPARK: Fantasy Personas
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