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Flaming Spear 100BC-100AC. 28mm paper soldiers.
by Giorgio G. P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2020 01:51:57

After many years of writing small personal reviews as Verified Purchaser, this is probably the first time I've written something about mirrored paper miniatures. But this is not an exception. This time it is "the exception". Such interesting figures, for many reasons, don't deserve to be overlooked or underestimated imho.

First of all it must be said that it isn't easy to draw historical figures. Unlike the other non-historical genres ( such as fantasy, sci-fi ... ) in this case each figure will be evaluated for its relevance to historical reality. A single color, the position of an object, a small object itself ... cannot be different from what it was. They cannot differ from reality.

And from this point of view these paper miniatures are perfect. All those that I have seen, from the 30-year war, to the English civil war, to the eighteenth-century ones (from the Spanish succession war to the seven-year war, perhaps) are. They are historically perfect. Even this new series about "Antiquity" doesn't disappoint at all.

Further the author's personal drawing style, linear and dynamic at the same time, and the appropriate colors make these pieces in gorgeous figures. Without needing any other words.

Finally, the measurement scale used makes these minis usable with most of the wargaming regulations of the period. Without forgetting that these paper figures, precisely because in digital format, can be resized. And used with other regulations.

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Flaming Spear 100BC-100AC. 28mm paper soldiers.
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