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by Ezekiel J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/26/2022 06:25:48

TRACTICS is a really awesome and highly detailed miniatures game for those who enjoy and prefer smaller units 1:1 (platoon or less). If you like playing with larger scale models, as I do outside, this rule set includes easy conversions up to 54mm figs. I bought these rules specifically for 1:1 tank battles with 1/72 scale models (for inside rainy days) and 1/35 size models outside on my lawn. The ability to run games of tank battles across my yard and the level ofdetail including angles, penetration and gun type is really just glorious. The included tables make game play pretty smooth with a good read, of course, of the complete book. I additionally enjoy the layout of the book, graphics and table design are very well done for my brain and how it works. Recommended with a double thumbs up.

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