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Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom
by Don E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/04/2019 14:09:45

I have played Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom about a half dozen times and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time. The rules are relatively easy to learn and the game is relatively easy to play. However, playing it well is another matter. That requires some careful thought and planning and some knowledge of the warfare of the period. The real virtue of this system is that the thought and planning and the decisions you will have to make will be very much like those the real commanders had to deal with. I found little or no opportunities to “game the system” nor any “gamey” aspects. The level of “realism” is quite high, yet without the increased degree of complexity that so often accompanies such realism. Rules for “hidden movement” and dummy units and the consequent fog of war also contribute to a realistic feel, yet, again, without a significant increase in complexity. This rich system rewards careful advance planning, an ability to think like the actual commanders of the period, and the flexibility to respond to the unexpected when your careful plans are confronted by a wily opponent.

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Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom
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