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Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game
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Rangers of Shadow Deep: A Tabletop Adventure Game

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A kingdom stands on the brink of destruction, as the vast realm called the Shadow Deep slowly swallows everything in its path. As the army fights to contain the tide of evil creatures teeming up out of the black clouds, the kingdom’s best soldiers, the rangers, must venture down into the shadows to gather information, rescue prisoners, and ambush enemy supply lines. It is a desperate fight against overwhelming odds, but every little victory brings another day of hope.

Rangers of Shadow Deep is a solo and co-operative tabletop miniatures game, in which players create their ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in their fight to hold back the darkness. If their rangers survive, they will grow in power and ability, and be sent on more difficult, dangerous and intricate assignments.

This book also includes the first supplement for the game, Burning Light. In this mission, the rangers must venture to ruined convent, searching for an ancient artefact. As they choose what order to explore the ruins, and thus the order in which scenarios are played, they must gather clues to the artefact’s location. But they must be quick, for the longer they remain, the more the forces of the Shadow Deep become aware of their presence.

By the creator of Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago.

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Customer avatar
Karsten Z September 30, 2019 5:50 pm UTC
My book is in new zealand...for some reason?
Customer avatar
Christopher L September 05, 2019 10:19 pm UTC
If my book got to me damaged in shipping, who do I contact about that?
Customer avatar
Colin M July 14, 2019 9:31 pm UTC
So .. I wonder if anyone has tried playing this on Tabletop Simulator? This has plenty of minis you can 'duplicate' for your virtual tabletop. This PC based simulator has fantasy options. Plus you can save the game and not worry about set up. Just an idea ...
Customer avatar
Tim S September 13, 2019 5:56 pm UTC
I'm playing it with a 'homemade' digital table. I just use Powerpoint. I got a transparent hex grid to facilitate measuring and I use shapes, clip arts, etc. as scenery, figs and markers. Works GREAT for solo play.
Customer avatar
Kelly D July 07, 2019 2:29 am UTC
Hi Joe, Is there a way for someone who purchased the $20 PDF to get a discount on the hardcover book? I'm ready to upgrade!
Customer avatar
Joseph M July 21, 2019 11:47 am UTC
I'm afraid not. I did offer a discount right when the hardback came out, but it was just too much work to continue.
Customer avatar
Jonathan L June 02, 2019 4:20 pm UTC
I supported this title and can't start the adventure because I do not have any terrain available or mat to play on.
Do anyone have a pdf file of pictures that I can print so that I can have a wonderful experience? I know I can just play on top of a blank paper and draw stuff like trees etc, but I would like to play it with awesomeness. thanks for those who can give me guidance and tips.
Customer avatar
Peter M June 07, 2019 2:42 pm UTC
Search for papercraft terrain, there's loads of stuff out there. There's some downloads for frostgrave on the osprey site. Also try Dave Graffam's terrain (he has some free ones on here) to make them more sturdy you can stick the bits to card to make them last a bit better.

For a mat try for a brown or green cloth
Customer avatar
Jonathan L June 18, 2019 7:39 am UTC
Thank you Peter for your reply. I will do that.
Customer avatar
David J July 31, 2019 6:36 pm UTC
I actually played with cubes and graph paper in a scaled down version the other day. Worked great
Customer avatar
Juan M R April 23, 2019 4:20 am UTC
I read the reviews and finished the first two YouTube Let’s Play... I’m ready to support the author and artist! For those who purchased the POD, could you comment on the softcover and hardcover version? Thanks!
Customer avatar
April 24, 2019 2:15 pm UTC
The print is large and easy to read: for those of us with aging eyes this is a big plus, others might comment on the amount of white space.
My initial purchase was the softcover (and pdf); when I discovered how enjoyable the game was, I raided the piggy bank for the hardcover as well, as I knew I would need to look up treasures, etc., many times. Both softcover and hardcover are holding up well under use.
Customer avatar
Juan M R May 16, 2019 2:36 pm UTC
Thanks for your reply. Got the hardcover for this and the softcover for the other adventures... love the clean big font! I strongly recommend getting these!
Customer avatar
Ed S March 24, 2019 12:50 am UTC
I bought this a little while ago but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go “all-in” with the hardcover. Can I upgrade or do I have to buy it all over again?
Customer avatar
Gary B March 23, 2019 10:06 pm UTC
Really enjoyed my first day of Rangers and looking for a 2.5 x 2.5 mat to make set up easier.

Anyone know of a UK supplier of mats that size to save me buying a 3x3 and going at with a stanley knife?
Customer avatar
Jeff J April 04, 2019 2:28 am UTC
Why not get a cheap table cloth and cut a 2.5 x 2.5 square in the middle of it and cover your mat?
Customer avatar
Jaime P March 20, 2019 5:45 pm UTC
Quick question- I just started reading the book last night and I see a huge list of enemies in the book and saw at the start of scenarios that it has a list of needed enemies for that particular one. Is this required or can you freely swap out creatures and enemies to suit what miniatures you have?
Customer avatar
Corey C March 20, 2019 9:07 pm UTC
The author encourages to use whatever minis you have. Just use the stats for the creatures listed for the scenarios. For example, if a mission calls for gnolls, but all you have is orcs. Use the orcs, but use the gnoll stats.
Customer avatar
Jaime P March 25, 2019 6:25 pm UTC
Gotcha. Thank you!
Customer avatar
Angus M March 16, 2019 12:05 pm UTC
I loved Frostgrave and I looked forward to Rangers of Shadow Deep being more of the same but with cooperative play and monster AI. Sounds great, and it is! I strongly recommend that you buy this game and play it a lot!

I love the black and white line drawn style of the art... really nice and thematic.

However... and there is always a 'however'... the layout is sloppy and irritating in lots of little ways. The first issue for the PDF is that the Table of Contents are lot linked! Why the hell would you not link the table of contents???

Next up are orphaned lines, paragraphs that break over pages, 'chapters' that start in the middle of pages. A monster AI system that describes itself as a flowchart... but is not laid out as one. Personally I find the body text typeface to be difficult to read on a screen... bearing in mind that this is the PDF version so you expect people to be reading it on a screen.

Like I said... lots of little irritations... and all things that...See more
Customer avatar
Gary B March 06, 2019 2:47 pm UTC
Been skimming the pdf while I'm waiting for my hardcover to arrive. Looks interesting.

Thinking of house ruling a modern/SF version of the rules for use with my Mansions of Madness and Kill Team minis (no space marines allowed). Melee weapons are simple enough. Pistols use bow and rifles use Xbow. Not having any impact on gameplay, but I felt the urge to tweak it. And shooting Cthuloid creatures and/or chaos spawn (from Kill Team Rogue Trader) could be fun.

Any plans to release Spell Cards?
Customer avatar
ERIC K February 21, 2019 3:03 am UTC
2 players can each bring up to 3 companions, 3 players up to 2 companions, 4 players 1 or none.
Customer avatar
Michael B February 17, 2019 10:34 pm UTC
This is a pretty damn solid, game system, Solo play even!

Quick questions - what's the set up with 2 or more rangers (players)? Obviously in solo, you're bringing your crew, but I'd guess with a couple more powerful rangers, you wouldn't 'need' all your companions?
Customer avatar
Michael B February 17, 2019 10:34 pm UTC
This is assuming I have friends to play with.
Customer avatar
Christian B February 09, 2019 11:21 am UTC
I've heard your interview on Magabotato and was hyped by the game. I bought it here on DriveThru and ordered the softcover. But nevertheless we started playing instantly. We made up two rangers with some companions (one heavy armored two handed ranger, accomponied by an archer and two warhounds, and one ranged clericy ranger with a guardsman and two recruits at his side) and played the first scenario.
It was very interesting and we have lost a recruit, and one of the dogs lost some toes. But we also found a magic armor!
It was awesome - and we are hyped to play the next session,.

Cool game, fast to learn, and easy to learn.

It would be cool to have some kind of reference sheet included in the book - but it's nothing cou can't improvise.

Thank you for the cool game,

Gina and Christian
Customer avatar
Matt N February 11, 2019 6:54 pm UTC
I think there's a reference sheet posted on Board Game Geek.
Customer avatar
James R January 20, 2019 2:27 am UTC
How many players does this support?
Customer avatar
Joseph M January 20, 2019 6:48 am UTC
Up to 4.
Customer avatar
Kai B January 04, 2019 11:53 am UTC
I'm watching the ROSD episodes on youtube by GMG ..
As much as I love watching the show, I wonder: if you don't possess lots of terrain (or even miniatures), then how are you supposed to play that game?
I mean:
- Zombies for the first mission
- Spiders for the 2nd
- Kobolds for the 3rd and 4th
- Apparently you need buildings as well as trees as well as scenery for dungeons
Is that a game for the hardcore terrain builders only?
Or does it work without terrain at all? (And if yes, how so?)

Many thanks and kind regards,
Customer avatar
Kai B January 07, 2019 2:40 pm UTC
Ok, replying to myself here ..

Apparently to play this game you need:

5 Giant Rats
7 Giant Spiders
1 Vulture
1 Hound
20 Giant Flies
1 Burrow Worm

3 Gnoll Sergeant
13 Gnoll Fighters
6 Gnoll Archers
1 Gnoll Shaman

1 Soldier
2 Prisoners
5 Survivors
1 Man-at-Arms or Knight
4 Civilians

1 Flesh Golem
1 Shadow Knight
2 Trolls
14 Zombies (and 7 swamp zombies)

2.5’ Long River
Stream (optional)

Lots of Large Rocks
Scatter Rocks

4 x Nest Trees (Suggestion: make them gnarled, so you can skip the next one!)
Gnarled Trees
Briar Patches
Scatter Trees (including 'small trees' and 'many trees')

Small Camp

4-5 Buildings (Suggestion: make one of them L-shaped farmhouse 12" x 8"!)
Ruined Farmhouse w/ 2 x rooms...See more
Customer avatar
Wesley H January 08, 2019 9:00 pm UTC
That is a lot, there is no question about that. You could always buy the pre-painted D&D, Pathfinder, and Wiz-Kids miniatures. After you have them, then you could use them for a plethora of games.

Concerning the buildings/structures, you can buy the Fat Dragon Games papercraft dungeons and buildings.
Customer avatar
Chris I January 11, 2019 7:51 am UTC
You could also make everything 2d using paper cutouts if you really want to be frugal. Also, you can adjust miniatures like the gnolls could be goblins or even Kobolds like in the GMG vidz. But I agree it is certainly not an out the box game. I think it is aimed mostly at established WGamers that are looking for Co-op experiences.
Customer avatar
January 12, 2019 5:39 pm UTC
If you are not a terrain builder you could draw out the layout on a battle mat if you have one of those, on paper or cardboard if not, or cut out pieces of construction paper or kiddie foam from the dollar store. It is a game aimed at miniaturists, but is very flexible in the minis to use. You can proxy other minis in, or use Pathfinder pawns or Arcknight flat plastic minis as cheap generic minis, or D&D flat circular pawns. Giant spiders are always available around Halloween at crafts and dollar stores for a pittance.

Without any physical kit at all, you could use Roll 20, Tabletop Simulator or other virtual battleboard systems for RPGs on a computer.

But it is a minis game, with the implied gathering of pieces, so if you don't like crafting or collecting or raiding other minis based games or virtualizing minis, then it isn't the game for you.
Customer avatar
Joseph M January 20, 2019 6:49 am UTC
Some people use stand-up paper figures and play on 2-D terrain. Others just proxy everything. It's amazing how far a set of blocks will get you as starter terrain!
Customer avatar
Kai B January 22, 2019 8:23 am UTC
Hi Joseph,

thanks for the reply!

So, after reading the preview on Amazon, question:
Does the book include rules for creating own scenarios? Does it include rules for balancing encounters? Or do I have to play through the given missions exclusively?

Kind regards,
Customer avatar
Damien F January 24, 2019 7:46 am UTC
+1 to Kai B question.
What’s the point of this game ? To provide a set of generic rules for gamers who already have some miniatures and terrain (or intend to buy a few), so they could create their own scenarios, campaigns, monsters,… ? Or to provide rules in order to play a well-defined campaign with a limited bestiary ?
I already have a lot of miniatures (and I’m building terrain) but not always the minis that are needed for this game and if I buy this game I don’t intend to buy more minis or uses proxies. So if this game is more the second option (not a generic game), I think it doesn’t’ worth it and it will address only to a few wargamers who already have the material needed to play the game (or players who don’t mind playing with proxies). But if the spirit of the game is “hey, gather whatever miniatures and terrain you have and let’s play with it” then I’m in.

More description of the content would be really interesting.
Customer avatar
Dave K January 24, 2019 11:46 pm UTC
Hey Kai,

The game book does not include rules for creating scenarios or balancing encounters. I think for anyone who has played Dungeon & Dragons or a similar sort of rpg creating their own scenarios should be no problem. I have created a couple of scenarios with a Lord of the Rings theme where the rangers face brigands raiding around Bree.

Balancing could take some tweaking to get right. The obvious part of it is number of foes faced. There is an experience point system, so as characters defeat enemies and gather mission objectives, at the end of the game they can level up stats, abilities, skills etc. Judging what rewards to give objectives might take some thought. I have played the first scenario in the book a number of times once (as a player and mostly running the enemies), and the second and third scenarios once, so I don't know the effects of higher level characters and speed of progression.

The scenarios are sort of like this (at least up to the third...See more
Customer avatar
Dave K January 25, 2019 12:19 am UTC
Hey Damien,
Bear in mind: I have only played through the first three book scenarios. It does seem very aimed towards a "well defined campaign" as you said. It is designed as a cooperative miniatures skirmish game. That being said, I am a big Tolkien fan, so I have used the rules for my own Middle Earth based themed game, and made my own missions.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say:
[(or players who don’t mind playing with proxies)] and [ “hey, gather whatever miniatures and terrain you have and let’s play with it” then I’m in]

So in one scenario it calls for gnolls to be the enemy. I personally have no gnolls minis, but I have a lot of orcs, so I used (aka proxied) the orcs in the gnolls place. I used the stats for the gnolls to maintain game balance. If you're willing to do something like that then you should be fine (aka gather whatever minis and terrain you have and play.) If you are not willing to make that sort of change, playing...See more
Customer avatar
Paul D February 15, 2019 1:24 pm UTC
Rich Burlew's 4 download and print packs of 2D figurines, "A Monster for Every Season", would supply all the creatures, PCs and NPCs above. There are 4 (titled after each season), at USD6 each for 300-400 figurines (certain monsters have multiple, different, figurines, and there are "hordes" - pages of a common monster that you often need many of, with more duplication) per pack. Scroll through the various products at There's a list of what monsters are in which pack somewhere (probably in the item description).
Customer avatar
george K February 15, 2019 5:50 pm UTC
Paper craft terrain on this website much of it free. One afternoon a printer and a hobby knife and your good to go. Even 2d monsters around here too.
Customer avatar
Chad K March 13, 2019 11:00 pm UTC
Buildings- Dave Graffam paper models
Figures- Okumarts games paper models

Cheap & easy, I have both. Great stuff.
Customer avatar
March 26, 2019 5:38 am UTC
Or a dry erase marker, board and an imagination lol!
Customer avatar
Colin M July 14, 2019 9:30 pm UTC
Good ideas, thank you.
Customer avatar
Colin M July 14, 2019 9:32 pm UTC
Customer avatar
Alan W August 28, 2019 2:37 pm UTC
Use crayons and paper.
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