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Customer Newsletter for 08/28/2022

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Greetings Grognards!

  Newsletter time again folks! Our publishers have been busy again during the last month and have filled our digital pages with gaming goodness as usual. Featured titles this time around include a World War II small unit game, a modern to future skirmish rule set in development that you can give suggestions to the authors and get future downloads for free as the final product is finalized.

Also featured here are Russian Civil War rules, a conflict that doesn't get as much coverage as it should and a Space Station combat game that I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at during Gen Con and it really looked great. Check out these and thousands more titles anytime you want, we're open 24/7/365!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Space Station Zero

Space Station Zero                                                                       

Welcome to Space Station Zero, a miniatures-agnostic tabletop wargame where you and your friends explore the hidden depths of the ancient station to uncover its darkest secrets... and perhaps survive. Designed to play solo, co-op, or as an adversarial skirmish game, Space Station Zero is created by Adam Loper and Vincent Venturella for 1-4 players.

From the book: "In the heart of deepest space – millions of light years from the nearest system, star, or planet – resides an improbable structure, floating in the silent darkness. Massive and ancient beyond imagination, it sleeps… waiting for wayward travelers to find their new home."

Use any sci-fi miniatures you'd like to explore the massive and mysterious space station you and your crew have found yourselves in after an unsuccessful hyperspace jump. Enjoy a deep campaign system with a branching mission structure and overcome all challenges - and learn the truth of Space Station Zero.

Cover Me! WW2 Combat

Cover me!    


Cover Me! is a game of individual combat between single infantry squads, their support weapons, and the occasional armored fighting vehicle. Each player controls a handful of soldiers. Infantry for all major combatants of WW2 are included, along with many iconic vehicles.

  • Works with any scale using your existing miniatures

  • No basing requirements as long as figures are individually based

  • Prioritizes player agency in matters of move and morale: you get to decide when it's time for one of your soldiers to take cover and restore your combat effectiveness

  • Ammo is a finite resource but you don't have to count every bullet

  • Leaders have concrete effects on morale and motivation

  • Figures can be assigned unique traits or skills

  • Weapons are realistically modeled and playable, including rifle grenades, mortars, antitank weapons, satchel charges, mines, and flamethrowers, as well as firearms and grenades

  • Terrain elements are clearly defined and easy to agree upon

  • No table clutter; each soldier's status and ammo is tracked on a small card

  • Rules for hidden movement, campaign play, and solo/co-op play are included

  • Standard OOB or point buy options for choosing your squad members

  • Includes German, Italian, Japanese, Soviet, UK, and US infantry squads and many vehicles

  • copious diagrams that explain core concepts in visual format

  • concierge-level, prompt support from the author and a vibrant online Facebook community

  • Separate printables PDF included with base labels, counters, figure cards, vehicle cards, and ability cards

NEXT WAR (DevDraft)



Ambush Alley: Next War was written to give you a set of go-to rules for small unit conflicts set in any period from the Cold War forward – far forward! The rules support down-and-dirty Post War skirmishes, clashes in the news today, conflicts of the near future, and the wars that follow us into the stars.

This development draft is a living document. It allows Ambush Alley Games fans the opportunity to play the latest development version of our newest game and offer input to help shape its final form. We will announce the release of new revisions which can be downloaded at no additional charge throughout the development process.

 The presentation of the rules in this book is purposefully spartan to make it easier for you to print and use it at your table. The production version will meet AAG’s traditionally high standards for art, photos, and graphic layout. 

We hope you enjoy this journey with us and your friends around the table!

 It Rolls for Ivan

It Rolls for Ivan

"It Rolls for Ivan" is a set of table top wargame rules for fighting Brigade-Divisional level actions in the Russian Civil War. The rules are based upon the "For Whom The Dice Rolls" Spanish Civil War rules.

They are designed to enable games covering a large area, with sweeping cavalry movements and dogged infantry. Detailed sections cover the uniqueness of the war, from the reluctance sometimes of armies to obey their orders, to Armoured Trains and the various odd looking armoured vehicles employed.

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