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Customer Newsletter for 05/08/2022

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Greetings Grognards!

This edition of our newsletter features titles from the modern era (Which to me is roughly Korean War to the present time as that's roughly how long I've been around!) since we've had quite a few of them listed on The Vault lately.

These featured titles run from the Vietnam Era right up to the conflicts of today, but you can find titles from every era imaginable by using the filters on the main page to sort out exactly what you're looking for. Just get to clicking!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

River Rats: PBRs and PCFs in Vietnam

River Rats                                                                         

River Rats: PBRs and PCFs in Vietnam is a tactical-level, narrative-style solitaire wargame using a tables-based game engine.

As the commander of either a US Navy PBR or PCF patrol boat operating in the Vietnam Mekong Delta region, your ultimate goal is to survive a 1-year Vietnam tour of duty during the year 1969. Encounter missions will include Viet Cong ambushes, MEDEVAC rescues, US SEAL/ARVN insertions and extractions, Sampan Stop and Searches, and Sampan Firefights.

The game includes the following components:

- 2 Tables Book (40 pages total)

- 11 Game Mats (A4)

- Approximately 192 counters

- 1 Crewmen Status Log Sheet

- 1 Tour of Duty Log Sheet

- 1 Quick-Start Guide (3 pages)

- 1 Counter Guide (4 pages)

- 1 Game Components Preparation Instructions Sheet

- 5 Game Mat Setup Example Images

* The following dice are required to play: One D20, one D4, two D6s, and two D10s.

* A large table is recommended for game setup.

* Total play time to complete a full 1-year tour of duty takes approximately 3-10 hours (depending on game length chosen).

* Please visit the River Rats FaceBook group. As the designer, I am active there and can provide game support.

With most of the rules integrated into the tables, there is practically no learning curve or rules memorization. And with numerous crewmen skills, detailed damage modeling, mission encounter types, various possible tactics, weather effects, random events, and a multitude of table modifiers, River Rats: PBRs and PCFs in Vietnam offers high replay value. Are you up to the challenge?

South Atlantic War, Third Edition

South Atlantic War     


South Atlantic War, Third Edition is an in-depth treatment of the naval and air campaign during the Falkland/Malvinas Islands War of 1982. It contains nineteen scenarios, linked with narratives of the land actions, putting them in context.

            Supplementary material includes complete orders of battle, command organizations, and a list of ships and aircraft lost during the conflict.

            The book uses a wealth of information from recently published references, both British and Argentine, that add valuable insights and dispel common myths. 

            South Atlantic War III includes the second edition foreword by the late Admiral Sir John “Sandy” Woodward and a new foreword from noted author Mariano Sciaroni.

Drone Commander

Drone Commander


In Obscure Battles Volume 3 – Drone Commander, the player takes the role of a Drone Operator trying to locate and destroy enemy assets using one of the Drone Types available to player. 

Unlike the other Obscure Battle Series this game is exclusively solitaire: you don’t need any other player to play the game. 

Using the game rules and supplied drone, loadout, target and threat cards you can design your own drone missions !

When loading your drone, you can choose from the current set of available loadouts. Once you are airborne you also have to keep an eye on the important items such as fuel and comms and also making sure that you are not shot out of the sky.

  • Game comes with 2 Drones and their loadouts you can use. More drone types and loadouts are provided as part of the optional packs. 

  • A Milk run Scenario and one U.N. peacekeeping action sample campaign is included and more is to be released along as Scenario Packs based on the current events.

  • Your targets are selected from a different decks of cards such VIPs figures such as Terrorist leaders, Evil Politicians, Warlords, Several Tank Types ( from T-34 to T80 and a few western ones ), Camoufledged Bunkers to take out with earth penetrators, Trucks and SAMS to shoot with smart  ammo using the option base and the optional extension packs provided.

  • Your drone will not be safe out there: there are several "well known figures" such as S400, Pantsir, Shilka, TOR, BUK, OSA SAMs, Igla and Stinger MANPADs, archaic ZU-23 Guns and even small arms (some of them are supplied on extension packs).

  • Your Drone can suffer malfunctions, or shot at by different threat vectors such as AA Guns,MANPADs, SAMs, Fighter Jets or even Laser guns such as Nazar...

Gameboard and other game components such Drone Cards prepared for home printers - JUST PRINT AND PLAY !!!

( In case you want to spend time to mount the map etc - there is an extra chapter for how to DIY the game in very small baby steps )

 DONETSK: Ukrainian Inferno


By August, 2014, the Ukrainian forces had the upper hand in the long war with the pro-Russian forces, DPA, LNR, all armed by Putin. Most of their forces were isolated in pockets except their units in the Donetsk area and city. Its key highway was still in their control that led back to pro-Russian supply depots. The Ukrainians were also in a dicey situation but were in a good position to finally sever the highway and cutoff DPA units in Donetsk. The first attempt had failed from the north and it was decided to try again from the south from the town of Ilovaisk, which was in a precarious situation itself. With no reserves avaiable, the Ukrainian forces attacked. They came very close to success, that is, until the "little green men" of Russia's military struck from the rear sending everything up for grabs!

Game scale is 1.5 miles/hex, units are mostly company, each turn is two days. Comes with 11x17 map and 280 counters and rules.

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