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Customer Newsletter for 11/28/2021

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Greetings Grognards!

It's the time of year for us in the Northern Hemisphere where we start spending more time indoors to keep away from the Winter chill. The perfect time to get cozy with some new rule sets to read! Here's a sampling of some recent rule sets we've gotten in, some good old hack and slash games and a couple Horse and Musket titles to give you ideas for future tabletop battles. But as always, no matter the time period, combat type or terrain you want to simulate you can find rules to play it on The Vault. 

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Warrior Heroes - To Be King!

Warrior Heroes                                                                             


Includes color counters and Battle Boards

Your troops are tired and slowly giving ground. They've fought hard all day against an infinite number of enemy troops. They've done all that you've asked of them and more. They've covered themselves with both blood and glory and look to you for victory.

The fate of your nation hangs in the balance as you desperately search for that one spot to launch your final attack. There! Gathering your personal horsemen, you draw your sword for it is now or never. The battle rests on your strong right arm.

Warrior Heroes – To Be King! is set in the mythical world of Talomir and is compatible with our Fantasy RPG, Warrior Heroes – Adventures in Talomir. Talomir is a land where dozens of Nations vie for dominance and like other games, we've provided you with Army Lists that describe your troops and how to assemble them for Battle. Other games allow for fighting individual Battles, but we've taken it farther, much farther.

We’ve added a simple to use, fast play Campaign System that ties all your Battles together to insure that every Battle means something. With the Warrior Heroes – To Be King! Campaign System, you are the Commander of the Army one minute and the King, or Queen, the next.

And best of all; you can play solo, cooperatively against the game, or competitively, head to head.

Do you have what it takes to be King?

Wars of the Republic

Wars of the Republic        


From the First Samnite War and the eventual conquest of the Italian Peninsula, to the defeat by Hannibal at Lake Trasimene, and final victory over the Gauls at Alesia, Wars of the Republic is a miniature wargame that allows you to campaign with the legions or stand firm against Roman expansion and fight throughout the ancient Mediterranean. This book contains all the rules required to fight battles during this period, including multiple army lists to reflect the changing nature of the Roman military and the varied opponents they faced, be it Gaul, Italian, Carthaginian, Iberian, or Greek.

Frontiers on Fire

Frontiers on Fire


Frontiers on Fire is a man-to-man skirmish wargame for warfare in 18th Century North America, mostly the French-and-Indian War and the American War for Independence. Too many skirmish games are simple systems where dice take a greater role in the game than tactics, decisions, or careful use of fire and movement. Frontiers on Fire allows each player to control a half dozen or so men, but takes some of control away from the player through model/character reactions to the players’ plans and to the situation the characters face. Skirmish games often have difficulty making a playable and interesting game while depicting realistic ranges, movement distances, and time. Frontiers on Fire uses a short turn (the time to load a musket) and ranges experienced by those fighting in the Eighteenth Century, not parade ground and firing range optimums. Percentage dice for shooting means many subtle  factors can be taken into account, with a separate d10 for the effects of an effective shot. Hand-to-hand is by opposing d6, but even melee allows for tactical choices in the fight.

Each turn, each model is secretly given an order chit such as fire, load, walk (and shoot if loaded or if pistol- or bow-armed), run, etc, although the particulars are defined only when the model activates in a randomized order with other models or groups of models. Leadership and group rules allow some co-ordination of actions and timing. Special events account for unusual occurrences and can both benefit a player, or interfere a good plan. The game system, as written, works for 54mm or 25/28mm figures, and 15mm models can be used if the ranges are adjusted. Frontiers on Fire’s author is a professional historian, specializing in the 18th Century, who also has decades of wargaming experience. The rules have been extensively play-tested by both veteran and novice ‘gamers. Frontiers on Fire provides realistic, challenging, playable, enjoyable, and even dramatic games. 

Gallantry! Napoleonic, 18th Century & Pirate Era wargame Rules  


Gallantry is a new set of horse & musket wargame rules for the Napoleonic and 18th Century eras, including pirates, developed as part of a new series covering different periods. They were developed from the pedigree of our popular Sacre Bleu massed skirmish rules, using a variable sequence of play which means even underdogs stand a chance of winning.

The rules stand alone, no other sets in the series are required, but all those in the Streamlined Play Rules Series share a core set of rules, so if you learn one picking up another one of the rules in the series is easy. Each set is, of course, heavily tweaked for the period they cover and are streamlined for fast play. We want our games to be straightforward, so we can concentrate on trying to defeat our tabletop enemy insted of spending our time 'fighting' the rules to get them to work! That is central to the design philosophy of these wargame rules.

In the case of Gallantry, included are a points system to choose forces, and the features include amongst other things flexible unit sizes, weather rules, commander ratings, fluke hits, heroes and rousing speeches, collapsing buildings, smoke and - for the pirates and hussars amongst you(!) - getting drunk and pillaging.

The rules have taken years to develop, during which keeping them simple and not complicating things was a major challenge. They can be used with as many or as few figures as you want (individually based, that is!).

We hope you decide to give them a go, and enjoy leading your troops with honour to a famous victory, or even to glorious defeat!

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