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Customer Newsletter for 02/14/2021

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Greetings Grognards!

    We've gotten some really great titles loaded up recently from our fantastic publishers and it's time to push them out to you folks, all from the comfort of your favorite device. We've featured here some currently very popular titles and if these aren't your particular era or taste of choice we've got thousands more for you to choose from, just use our Browse Categories tool to find just what you're looking for.    

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Electronic Advanced Squad Leader Rulebook


This Electronic Edition of the ASLRB (or eASLRB) was created from brand-new layouts of rules Chapters A-G incorporating all known errata (as of August 2020). It also includes the complete Chapter H; and Chapters J, K, W and associated charts; as well as a few useful appendices and a comprehensive index. In other words, all the core rules.

MMP plans to update older chapters and add additional chapters to the eASLRB in the future.  Once added, these updates will be avaliable to all customers who have purchased this item.

If you're having problems using the eASLRB or notice typographical errors that should fixed in future releases, please drop us a line at:


The eASLRB Contains:

Chapter A: Infantry and Other Basic Game Rules

Chapter B: Terrain

Chapter C: Ordnance & Offboard Artillery (OBA)

Chapter D: Vehicles

Chapter E: Miscellaneous

Chapter F: North Africa

Chapter G: Pacific Theater

Chapter H: Design Your Own

Chapter J: Deluxe ASL

Chapter K: Training Manual

Chapter W: Korean War


*** Note: The Chapter F pages and the Italian Chapter H pages will be updated when the new version of Hollow Legions is released.

Five Parsecs Bug Hunt 

Five Parsecs Bug Hunt

Maybe they don't show up on infra-red at all..

* * *

Welcome to Five Parsecs Bug Hunt.

Roll up your characters and delve into a solo campaign game fighting horrid aliens, completing objectives and hoping to hang on while the evac shuttle arrives.

Your characters will progress from mission to mission (if they survive) gaining experience and reputation, while engaging in procedurally generated missions against a wide array of alien enemies.

In each mission, you will attempt to complete random objectives, while taking advantage of tactical locations which may give you benefits such as blocking off approaches or distracting enemies. Enemies approach using a "blip" system to keep you guessing.

Combat mechanics are simple, easy to learn and can be picked up in a turn or two. 

Bug Hunt is built for solo and campaign play from the ground up, instead of these factors being tacked on as an afterthought. 

This is a second edition of the original rules, containing countless updates, tweaks and improvements to make the game faster and more fun. The game uses the same game engine as the popular Five Parsecs From Home and your characters from Bug Hunt can even muster out and become characters in your space adventure campaigns.

* * *
The rules provide:

- Character creation.

-  Campaign rules including injuries, experience and random events.

- 6 types of mission objective.

- 5 difficulty settings.

-11 support options to help your characters, from survey teams to engineers.

- 16 alien critters to fight, each with their own profile and special ability. 

Action Stations: Atlantic - Core Rules

Action Stations: Atlantic


ACTION STATIONS: ATLANTIC --CORE RULES is a tactical naval wargame rules system set in the World War II era.  Individual warships (presented on counters at approx. 1/4500 scale) are rated in a variety of offensive and defensive categories. Scenarios recreate several naval encounters, such as River Plate, the Rawalpindi incident, Denmark Strait, and others, involving German and British and French fleets.  Action Stations: Atlantic is a complete introductory level game that simulates naval combat in the World War II era, using a slightly modified Battleship Captain 3rd ed. standard rules game system.

Warships (battleships, battlecruisers, pocket battleships, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, destroyer escorts, frigates, corvettes, torpedo boats, armed merchants, merchants) are provided.  Playability and historicity are emphasized, with small or large battles playable to completion in an evening.  Each game turn represents 10 minutes, and one inch on your floor or tabletop represents 500 yards.

Standard rules and all game tables are included in the 48-page illustrated rule book, along with game tables, dozens of ship counters and game markers, designer's notes and historical commentary.  This is a complete rules system, and does not require anything else (apart from dice and playing space) to play.  This introductory edition does not include advanced or optional rules but these may be incorporated from Battleship Captain 3rd ed.

Also included are a set of four ACTION STATIONS: ATLANTIC ship counter sheets (#1 through #4) containg over 75 ships, 172 game markers, and reference card presented in a convenient format.

Available for purchase separately is the ACTION STATIONS: CONVOY module that contains additional scenarios, 12 counter sheets (over 470 ships), and which is fully compatible with Action Stations: Atlantic --Core Rules.

Action Stations: Atlantic -- Core Rules is now available in PDF format.  Designer: Gary Graber.  Publisher: Minden Games.

                                                              Cold War3!   

Cold War3!

COLD WAR3! Rules for Modern Warfare 1960-1990

Fully revised 4th Edition of COLD WAR3! infact, so revised and shiny and new it's a completley NEW book!

Includes rules for combined arms using artillery, armour, mechanised, aircraft and support troops (such as engineers and medical personnel). Rules for the electronic battlefield, nuclear, biological & chemical battlefield. Recovering and repairing 'knockled out' vehicles; building bridges, defences, trenches and repairing defences. Fighting in buildings, built up areas and in a contaminated environment. Rules are included for paratroopers, recconnaissance elements, assaults and close-combat (even assaulting tanks if you are so inclined). A flexible figure scale of anything from 6mm right through to 54mm (with it optimised for 15mm) can be used with a flexible ground scale that can take in the vast ranges of modern artillery. Included are rules for conducting air support missions, air-to-air combat, air-to-ground attacks, helicopter operations, anti-aircraft artillery and missiles. Rules are also included for morale and their effect on our little model soldiers. Wounds and recovery of those (using medics if you've paid for them!)

Rules for various armours such as Chobham, Dorchester, ERA bricks, BAR armour and all manner of nasties thsat can defeat those armours including 2nd generation (Top-Attack.Tandem Warhead) ATGM's such as Improved TOW II and the Russian Svir missiles. 

This new version includes the following NEW TO&E's:

A complete BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)/NORTHTAG battlegroup for the 14th/20th Royal Hussars and Royal Green Jackets; including Chieftain Mk.V Tanks, Fv432 APC, Abbot and M-109 Self-Propelled Guns, RAMC Medical Teams, 9th/12th Lancers Reccee Teams (in Scorpion AFV), Swingfire ATGM, Blowpipe and Rapier SAM and 661st Squadron Army Air Corps in Lynx HELARM and the Royal Air Force with shiny Harrier GR.III and Lightning Ground Attack Aircraft.

For the Soviet Forces we have the 3rd Shock Armies 10th Guards Armoured Divisions: with T80u and T-64bv tanks, BMP-1 and BMP-2 APC's, BTR-70's and of course a whole plethora of artillery such as the BM-21, BM-27, 2s1 and 2s3 artillery, anti-aircraft artillery such as the Tunguska, ZSU-23-4 and the ZSU-23-2 AA guns, the Soviet Air Force flying Su-25 Frogfoots and even Mil-Mi-8 Hip attack helicopters!

All in all this is a slightly slimmer tome, but packed with awesome goodies and all new colour photographs and illustrations.

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