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Customer Newsletter for 11/22/2020

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Greetings Grognards!

    It appears that in many parts of the world most of us are still looking at a lot of stay at home time due to the second or third wave of pandemic affecting so much of our planet. Besides wearing a mask and following social distancing, there's not much Wargame Vault can do to help with curing this virus, but maybe we can help keep you occupied with games and accessories while we're all so isolated with time on our hands.

Check out some of the featured titles in this newsletter, or search the thousands of other titles we have on site, we're sure you'll find many things you'd enjoy, at least it's an activity we guarantee won't put you at risk of contaminating yourself or others. Stay safe everyone, and hang in there.    

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Fantastic Battles

Fantastic battles                                                                                

Fantastic Battles is a fast-play, mass-battle, wargaming system for any fantasy setting. The rules emphasise the tactical concerns of command friction and the fog of war through randomised initiative, tabletop mishap rolls and the impetuous decisions of unsupervised unit commanders.

An all-in-one volume, this book contains the rules for stand-alone pitched battles as well as campaigns.

Twenty-four example army lists are provided; however, army building is designed to be flexible. A toolkit of base profiles and unit traits allow players to build customised armies to suit their own vision of their fantasy faction.

Scale agnostic, with multi-based figures and no individual figure removal, the game can be played using any fantasy figures, or historical armies from the ancient to the early modern period.



"DORIA" and "TURTLE SHIPS" Bundle from Obscure Battle Games takes the player to the age of naval warfare between the 13th and 16th centuries.

The game bundle gives you 2 games and one extension scenario pack :

You can either play one of the over 15+ historical scenarios ranging from small raiding action to epic events in Mediterannean, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

...or you can CREATE your OWN battles pitting Venitian Galleass against Korean Geobukseons or Ottomans Galiots against Japanese Atakabubes  ( both games and cards can be interchanged )

The game features :

  • Over 30+ medieval ship unit counters from Caique to mighty Galleass or Korean Turtle Ships. 

  • Leader Units that come with their own characteristics that portray the actual personalities like Andrea Doria, Dragut, and Yi Su Yin.

  • Uses DORIA(tm) - an ultrafast and simple play system that allows wing/squadron activations.

  • Some scenarios can be played in A3 sized sheets but the interested players can play far larger scenarios like Diu, Imjin Battles, and Zonchio

  • Combat model featuring tactical sensitivity rules that aim to create all the chaos and mayhem of a galley clash from boarding actions to small arms fire as well as naval gunfire, ramming, and immobilization.

  • Several maps of different sizes for your own scenarios from A3 sized insta-play ones to larger ones that you can print on your home printer.

  • A Combat card system that brings immense playability to each game - with over 60 Combat Cards - you will never play the same battle again.

  • An easy index rulebook with charts that cover ramming and naval gun attacks, fanaticism, traversing coastal water, and weather effects.

The complexity level is Simple to Medium ( with optional special rules it scales up to medium+detailed) ). Just print your maps ( customizable even by a color pen ) and select the units you want to play and you are ready to go ! No need for length preparations  - JUST PRINT AND PLAY !!!  

At All Costs

At All Costs


Designer: Tim Taylor
Map Art: Ilya Kudriashov
Hex Number: 48
Duration: 180 minutes
Players: 2
Solitaire Suitability: Low
Theme: World War I

Here at last is the long-awaited Eastern Front follow-up to Tim Taylor's innovative and critically-acclaimed 2013 WWI card-driven wargame To The Last Man! As in that game, players utilize Offensive Cards to conduct operations, and use other cards to augment their campaigns, or to hinder those of their opponent. Casualties can be resolved by removing units, or by discarding cards in hand for their "Ersatz" value. The strength and nature of your enemy's armies are hidden, creating opportunities for feints and surprises.

But this is not just a change of scenery. The character of the Eastern Front is quite different than the struggles in the west, and over years of development, Taylor has adapted the original system to reflect the nature of these campaigns and the qualities of these combatants. Additionally, the core rules are supplemented by advanced, optional, and historical rules that will allow you to recreate the dramatic collapse of Austro-Hungary and the overthrow of Tsarist Russia, to explore alternative pre-war battle plans and doctrines, and even a set of rules that will allow you to link At All Costs! with its predecessor in an epic struggle for Europe.

  • 22" x 34" map

  • 264 counters

  • 35 army discs

  • 55 cards

  • 16-page Core Rulebook

  • 20-page Theater Rulebook

  • Army Template Display Sheets

  • You will need 4 six-sided dice

                                                                              Plamo vs Plamo   

Plamo vs Plamo

Plamo vs Plamo (abbreviated to PvP) is a tabletop combat game where players design their own mecha combatants and bring their creations to the table to fight. From building to battling, players are given freedom to design and play with units that reflect their personality. Create a model that expresses your style, customize it to fit your needs in-game, and challenge your friends to a game!

PvP's game system is designed to keep players engaged at all times. Whether you're playing one-on-one against an opponent in a duel, playing a scenario requiring careful coordination of your team to complete an objective, or a chaotic six-player battle royale, downtime is short, action is fast, and players are kept making meaningful choices at all times.

A core aspect of PvP is unit customization, and the Unit Design Module allows players to create a huge range of machines both to reflect in-game mechanical diversity and their modelling efforts. The Unit Design Module allows players the freedom to combine Frames, Equipment and Weapons in any way they see fit while working within agreed-upon points limits.

If you want a tactical game of customizable mecha combat, Plamo vs Plamo is what you're looking for!

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