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Customer Newsletter for 10/18/2020

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Greetings Grognards!

This month's featured titles are set in eras spanning from the Renaissance and Crusades to the Modern age to the far future, just proving once again that whatever you period of warfare you're into we've got it on The Vault. And this is just a tiny sampling of the thousands of titles available at the click of your mouse. Check it out!       

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Armoured Corps

Armoured Corps                                                                                

Welcome to Armoured Corps.

These wargame rules allow players to command a combined-arms battlegroup fighting battles during the third world war.


These rules are designed to be quick to play with large forces from a single company to multiple battalions while still giving realistic results.

The rules are also designed to simulate the role of a formation commander so much of the minutiae of modern armoured combat is incorporated into generalised statistics or dice roles. For example, the formation commander will not be deciding on which type of ammunition (HEAT, APDS etc) each tank will be firing when engaging an enemy unit, this would be left up to the tank’s own crew. So many parts of the rules that may seem simple or “glossed-over” are simply below the player’s (acting as overall commander) level of command.

Sequence of Play

Various sequences and methods of unit activation were considered however it was decided to go back to the classic “I go, you go” sequence (albeit with interruptions form an opponent’s units on overwatch).


Morale has been heavily simplified to a single dice roll at the end of each turn for any units that have come under fire and been suppressed. This determines if they fall back, continue fighting or give up, surrendering or leaving the battle area.

Ground Scale

The approximate ground scale of 1” =100 metres was chosen as it would allow for realistic weapon ranges to be depicted on a reasonable sized table without being able to fire across the whole area, allowing more emphasis on manoeuvre and positioning of units.

Lion Rampant: The Crusader States

Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant: The Crusader States is an expansion for Lion Rampant: Medieval Wargaming Rules.  It is an historical gamebook that explores the Middle East during the heyday of the Crusades, between 1097 and 1291. The Crusader States of the Holy Land were a unique meeting point for people and military forces from all over Europe and the Middle East, but also from as far afield as Asia and East Africa.

Become a crusader lord from Europe or the Crusader States, the commander of a Templar patrol or a group of leper knights, or an Italian pirate/merchant prince! Or perhaps you’d rather be the chief of a band of Assassins, a charismatic preacher, or the boss of a band of marauders! Or how about a Muslim emir, an African mercenary captain, the lady of a castle defending her people, a Mongol commander, or a Byzantine or Armenian officer!

This expansion includes historical information, new upgrades (from Greek fire to holy and magical characters and items), and twelve factions with unique features and special abilities. It also comprises scenarios that re-enact stories from Western, Byzantine, Armenian and Muslim medieval sources, which have been selected in order to represent highlights in the history of the Crusader States and their neighbours.

About the authors: 

Daniel Mersey is the author of several wargame rulebooks, including Lion Rampant (2014). Primarily gaming the medieval and colonial periods, he has written many articles for the major wargaming magazines over the past two decades and has authored several non-gaming books.

Dr Gianluca Raccagni is Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Edinburgh. He has published numerous works on the political culture of the High Middle Ages, including a monograph entitled The Lombard League 1167-1225 (Oxford University Press, 2010). His current project is on the Italian city republics and the crusades. Gaming is his other passion, and he has recently launched the Historyand Games Lab at the University of Edinburgh.

Inferno and Glory

Inferno and Glory


Inferno and Glory. A quick playing set of fleet action level Renaissance naval rules covering the period 1450 to 1600, allowing large scale battles such as Lepanto and Prevesa to be completed in a couple of hours or less. They have been written with 1/2400 scale models based in groups or stands, with each stand representing 5 to 10 ships. A range of suitable 3D models are available for free download to accompany the rules. Bookkeeping is minimal, using simple markers to indicate ship damage and crew casualties. Data for over 30 different broad ship types and ten different fleet lists are included, covering the major fleets and city states of the Mediterranean.

                                                          Star Troopers: Crash Test   

Star Troopers

Star Troopers: Crash Test is a solitaire card game of management with a scifi survival/escape scenario and set in a procedural environment. Player is in the role of the captain of a freighter ship stranded on an abandoned space station whose crew was killed by the latest result of the research and development of an anonymous transtellar conglomerate in the field of bioweapons, the Geno.

To help you, you will find many Items by searching Location cards. Additional weapons and their ammunitions but also Medikits and other helpful tools such as Decoys, Torchlights or even an Hazard Suit may be used to counter the various Conditions and Events you will encounter on the different Location cards in addition to the potential attacks by the Geno.

You will have to choose wisely between all these Items because carrying too much of them may hinder your progression in the space station or make you produce noise which will alert the Geno of your presence, triggering a Fight with an unkillable foe.

You must get to the last card of the Location deck, labelled Control, and survive the final confrontation with the Geno to win the game.

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