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Customer Newsletter for 08/09/2020

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Greetings Grognards!

It appears that the cancellation of Gaming Conventions around the globe due to the pandemic combined with no where to go anyway due to the pandemic has given our publishers extra time on their hands to design and write a lot more games. At least they've been loading up a lot more of them lately! The titles here are just a small sampling of what's been loaded up recently, do a little searching and you'll find many more new products in The Vault.   

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Harpoon V

   Harpoon V                                                                                  

Harpoon fifth edition is the latest version of an award-winning series that began with its original release in 1980. In addition to updating and simplifying the rules for modern tactical naval and aerial combat, the fifth edition now includes naval combat system development, mines, ballistic missile attacks and defense, unmanned vehicles, land-attack cruise missiles, non-acoustic ASW sensors, as well as other improvements. Harpoon uses the designers' extensive game design and naval warfare experience to create a game that is authentic, informative, and exciting.

Panzerschreck #17

Panzerschrek #17

PANZERSCHRECK #17 (Fall 2020) is a wargames magazine that contains three complete games in this 88-page full-color issue, in addition to hobby articles and thumbnail game reviews.  DER TAG, 1916 (solitaire strategic level WWI naval), BATTLE OVER DUNKIRK (tactical two-player WW2 aerial combat card game), and NAPOLEON IN ITALY 2nd ed (operational two-player Napoleonic).  All three stress high playability along with solid historicity.

DER TAG, 1916 is a solitaire, strategic level game covering the North Sea campaign of World War I between the fleets of Great Britain and Germany set during the pivotal year of 1916. The player takes the British, and the game system handles the German side (optional rules allow you to reverse roles if desired).  The game does not posit that Jutland must happen.  Rather, it allows for varied German activity by their High Seas Fleet (Raid, Tip & Run, Ambush, etc.) represented by Action Cards for the turn.  Some turns may have No Action at all, some might involve a Bombardment of the English coast, with the British Grand Fleet--based in four main anchorages of Scapa Flow, Cromarty, Rosyth, and Dover--making appropriate responses.  If Der Tag ("The Day") occurs, the Germans come out with every ship available, as what happened with Jutland, and the fate of the entire war would hang in the balance.  Ship combat is resolved by a simple process which, while remaining authentic, makes even large battles resolvable within a matter of minutes.  Ships on both sides are differentiated by type (2nd generation dreadnought battleship, dreadnought battleship, battlecruiser, pre-dreadnought battleship, and armored cruiser), with named counters provided for each.  Includes:  17 page instructions containing standard and optional rules, set of Action Cards, set of ship counters (60 British, 34 German), small game map, game tables, and Designer's Notes.

BATTLE OVER DUNKIRK is a tactical WW2 strategy card game depicting dogfights between individual planes.  It is part of the Battle over Britain series, and is fully compatible with all games/modules in that series.  Includes:  16 pages of rules covering standard and optional rules, Dogfight Display, Reference Card, set of 32 airplane counters (German, French, British, and Belgian), four scenarios covering the Battle for France 1940 and Dunkirk, and campaign game.  Planes are authentically  rated in variety of categories.  This game contains the most complete set of French planes to date, as well as adding the Belgians.  Fast and furious fun for two-players.

NAPOLEON IN ITALY 2nd ed. is an operational level game of strategy based on the 1796 Italian Campaign between French and Austrian troops. This edition contains revised rules and new components.  Division level, turns represent three days, with the first game turn being November 9-11, 1796. Includes: 12 page rules (standard and optional), Roster Sheets, small game map, set of 16 counters, Designer's Notes.

In addition to the games, this issue has several game articles and reviews of interest to wargamers.  Game reviews include The Longest Trench (UGG), Sarajevo 28 June 1914 (Lamaca), Civil War (Avalon Hill), Enemy Coast Ahead: Doolittle Raid (GMT), Wing Leader: Supremacy 1943-45 (GMT), Red Factories (MMP), and general articles on Game Ratings: Too Clever by Half?Retro 5th Ed. Variant Counter SetSynopsis of Games Published in Panzerschreck 1998-2020, plus the usual editorial pieces. Game components are provided in the pages of the magazine and must be printed.

PANZERSCHRECK #17 stands in the long line of issues of this award-winning magazine, providing in Minden fashion wargames that are not only authentic but highly playable.  PANZERSCHRECK aims to capture the spirit of the golden age of wargaming.  We're very pleased with this edition and are confident that you will be as well. Editor & Designer:  Gary Graber.

A Gunslinger's Paradise

A Gunslinger's Paradise


“A Gunslinger’s Paradise” is a tabletop wargame that gives players a plethora of options and mechanics to help them recreate their favorite cinematic or historical gun fights, last stands, bank heists and more.

The game was designed with the intent to give its players maximum customization with list building and equipment so they would be able to bring their favorite characters of the wild west to life and have them perform in the game as they did on the big screen or in a history book.

Here are just a few of the things you will find on the 164 full color pages of “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”:

- 10 Faction Lists with unique special rules and character classes

- 28 Customized Scenarios that have been tailored to fit with the faction you are playing as

- 50+ Weapons and pieces of Equipment

- 60+ Character Skills and Abilities

- 25+ Weapon Abilities

- 15 Pages of Campaign Rules and Content.

… and a whole lot more!

Let “A Gunslinger’s Paradise” be your guide through the untamed lands of the wild west.  We know a city slicker like yourself isn’t going to get very far without it!

                                                                                 ASL Classic

ASL Classic

The ASL Classic contains scenarios, articles, and more!

SQUAD LEADER CLINICS - Tips to Better Your ASL Play. By Jon Mishcon.

FROM THE EDITORS - Why Classic ASL? By The Editors.

1987 ASL TOURNAMENT - The Greatest Tournament Scenarios Ever? By Jon Mishcon and Joe Suchar.

ONE-HALF FP - The Incremental IFT Variant. By Jay Kaufman.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Advanced Squad Leader: Infantry Training. By Robert Medrow.

BROKEN SWORDS - Minor Neutral Powers in ASL. By David Meyler.

SCENARIO ANALYSIS-DEAD OF WINTER 45 - An Analysis of a Tournament Classic. By Jim Stahler.

* The PDFs were created from high-resolution scans of the originals, and each page was individually checked.

* They are all searchable, indexed, book-marked and hyper-texted.

* The scenarios have been updated to match the versions appearing in more recent ASL modules.

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