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Customer Newsletter for 04/19/2020

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Greetings Grognards!

Since it's more than likely that you are either quarantined or self-isolating in some manner at the present time, how about we feature some titles that are made for solo play or easily adapted for solitare play. There's also a system featured that allows you to play miniature wargames using your regular rule set. We have loads of solo games available without even leaving your house, and you've probably got plenty of time to browse our titles anyway!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

And stay home, stay safe, play wargames!

~ Steve


   SAND AND FLIES                                                                                  

"Sand And Flies". Volume 4 in the Obscure Battles series, the series take the player to the Mesopotamia Campaign in WW1.

The Mesopotamian campaign was a campaign in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I fought between the Allies represented by the British Empire, against the Central Powers, mostly Ottoman Empire and a few German units.

A more difficult place to fight would be hard to find. Flies attacked the troops, soldiers froze during the winter nights and were overcome by heat during the summer. Dust turned to mud when the banks of the Tigris overflowed during the rainy season.

A war no side wanted but compelled to fight, the affair was mostly a see-saw string of battles both against each other and the elements. Senior commanders from both died from cholera during the campaign!

The Battle of Kut and the subsequent Siege of Kut changed the campaign dramatically. The surrender of an entire division was a shock for the British Army. Massively reinforced, the British managed to take Baghdad 2 years later after some very bloody battles but never advanced further.

The game has

* Over 100+  counters

* Battalion to Corps HQ sized units

* Aircraft, Gunboats, Armored Cars, Tribal and Line Infantry, Cavalry and riverine transport units

* Motor Transport Mode: Motorization was used extensively in the later stages and rules allow for "motorized" infantry units to advance faster.

* Seasonal flood dangers

* "Maude's road" and "Blockship Attacks"

* Out of Communication and Out of Supply rules that are very easy to track

* Solo Play Algorithm that lets players design a grand strategy and then implement it tactically.

The game comes with a 22-page rulebook with charts and 2 scenarios that come with rules for exploitation and flank attacks, special conditions for being Out of Supply and Out of Communication.

The complexity level is Simple  ( with optional special rules scales up to medium+detailed) )

The game introduces an "Order of The Day Marker" pull system to the OB mechanism that randomizes the fire and movement but simplifies the routine chores and allows much faster gameplay.

Players must collect and husband their precious RP points to mount and sustain offensives. Also - they can "purchase" Leaders to help their units.

We provided large !!! 0.8-inch counters at 256 DPI - can be scaled even more or down ( just apply the same scale adjustment to the map ). There is a 55 x 36-inch map formatted for home printers ( Letter and A4 provided ) - JUST PRINT AND PLAY !!! LITERALLY...( In case you want to spend time to mount the map etc - there is an extra chapter for how to DIY the game in very small baby steps )

Bastogne or Bust Designer's Edition

Bastonge or Bust

The Battle of the Bulge was a slugfest as desperate as the cauldrons of Kursk or Stalingrad.  Desperate to reach far off Antwerp, Bastogne was designated as the key to the entire southern shoulder.  The 5th Panser Army under Manteuffel had to get there fast if they were to prevent Patton's 3rd Army from seizing the all important road hub and threatening the entire operation from within.  For both sides - it was Bastogne or Bust.


22 x 34 inch map

Off Board Movement Chart

Order of Battle Charts for Dec 10th, Dec 16th and Campaign Scenarios

Player Aid Card(s)


616 full color double sided 5/8 inch counters

Unit Scale: Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, Squad, Division HQ

Map Scale: 1.7 miles per hex

Time: 12 hour turns

Playing Time: 4- 8 hours depending on scenario

Complexity - Moderate 5/10

Solitaire Suitability - High 10/10

Praise for Bastogne or Bust:

Paper Wars Magazine:

"I found BoB to be a well designed game that won't sit and gather dust on my shelf.  It is an excellent vehicle to introduce new gamers to the hobby and offers a great deal of replay value"

Danny Parker: Historian and Game Designer

"... enjoyment is the key to the game Mr Hendrix has devised and tabletop gamers may revel in the refinements."

North Cape

North Cape


North Cape is a solitaire strategy wargame simulating the Battle of North Cape off the north coast of Norway in 1943, between the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst and British naval forces protecting convoy JW55B. Its rules are those used in Advanced Salvo! European Theater, as modified for this particular engagement. The game uses the Advanced Salvo! system to handle WW2 naval combat.  While designed to be played solo (with the player taking the British side), it can be played by two gamers as well.

The game includes rules, scenarios, a set of ship counters, and Sea Display and Game Table sheet. 

It is late December, 1943.  Germany is assuming the strategic defensive, and stemming the flow of convoy supplies to the Soviets is imperative. With Tirpitz unavailable due to damage, Scharnhorst is sent to attack allied shipping.  All that stands between convoy JW55B and the German battlecruiser are three Royal Navy cruisers.  The weather is stormy and dark, and the situation tense.  Additional British forces--including a battleship--move toward the area to help. Will they arrive in time?  What course will Scharnhorst choose? Will the convoy have to scatter? What will happen?

Several What if? scenarios are provided in North Cape, in addition to the historical standard game, allowing Tirpitz to be used, and/or additional Royal Navy warships.  Like other Minden designs, North Cape emphasizes high playability and historicity... and fun.

This PDF edition is the same as originally published in Panzer Digest #14, but available now as a stand alone game.  Designed by Gary Graber.  Publisher: Minden Games.

                                                               Adjutant Introuvable 1.1 [The Solo Wargaming System]

Adjutant Introuvable

Adjutant Introuvable (the Auto Strategy system for Solo Wargames)

Adjutant Introuvable [AI] is a virtual opponent for the solo wargamer. Set up the battlefield and deploy your army. AI will then select the best strategy and deploy the opposing army. Each turn AI will provide a tactical guide for you to follow when manoeuvring AI’s troops.

AI aims to offer you an interesting, and often strategically challenging, solo wargaming experience.

See the video on this product page which explains how AI works.

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