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Customer Newsletter for 02/29/2020

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Greetings Grognards!

Here at The Vault we like to offer you a wide variety of choices for your wargame playing time and this newsletter features just that, a wide variety of eras and batllegrounds. Choose from air, land, naval and space combat, horse and musket era, WWI and II, to the far future. Not the exact time period you're looking for? Use the filters on the main page to search thousands of titles on our site to find just the niche you're looking for, it only takes a few clicks!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

SEEKRIEG 5 Rulebook


SEEKRIEG 5 is the ultimate in realistic naval miniatures wargames. Three exciting eras of naval history in one set of naval wargame rules! Thrill to tabletop miniatures combat like you've never experienced before.

Tired of checking off damage boxes and flotation points? Looking for a detailed and realistic tabletop simulation that is as exciting and unpredictable as naval warfare really was? Whether you're the captain of the ship or the admiral in command of a battle division, you'll experience naval wargaming like never before. With an innovative damage system, a new command system and comprehensive individual ship logs, SEEKRIEG 5 delivers an astounding amount of real-life detail in a playable system covering the entire 1880-1945 era in a single volume. SEEKRIEG 5 is naval warfare in the age of the battleship and offers a chance to experience it just as if you were there.

This watermarked PDF version of SEEKRIEG is split into five components, each of which can be purchased and downloaded separately:

1)     RULEBOOK (135 pages): This is the current edition of the RULEBOOK as shipped with the print version and is required to play SEEKRIEG 5.

2)     GAME CHARTS (41 pages): + CHART M1 (18 pages and also known as the “Book Of Boom” for truly realistic combat results). This component is required to play SEEKRIEG 5.

3)     DATA TABLES (89 pages):  Data covering weather, torpedo, radar and aircraft data covering the entire 1880-1945 era. This is the current edition of the DATA TABLES included in the print version. While not strictly necessary for playing, it contains much information that players, scenario designers and naval history buffs will find useful.

4)     GAME AIDS: Includes a sheet of color game markers, movement and turn rulers, 600 different Ship Logs for merchant vessels, Air Operations Log forms for air and carrier operations and Flag Command Log forms for 26 different countries. While not strictly necessary for playing, it contains useful game aids for new and veteran players alike.

5)     STARTER SCENARIOS: 14 different historical and hypothetical scenarios covering from Yalu (1894) to Komandorski Islands (1943) and containing Order of Battle sheets, maps and associated Ship Logs.  While not strictly necessary for playing, it is highly recommended for those new to SEEKRIEG 5 and who have not purchased any of the titles in the SEEKRIEG Ship Log series.

Aerial Battles 1939 - 1945

Aerial Battles 1939-1945


New Entry 27th January 2020

·         Current Edition: 1.0 (PDF); 1.0 (Print on Demand)

·         Recommended scales: 1/144 TO 1/300; 1/72 OR 1/600 possible

·         Complexity: 4/10

·         Level of detail: 5/10

·         Dice required: D10


These rules are intended to allow two or more Players to have a fast and simple game representing tactical air combat during the Second World War. Model aircraft of any scale from 1/600th to 1/72nd, can be used. If necessary you could also use card counters. Minimal bookkeeping is required because Markers or Tokens are used to indicate the status of aircraft during the game. Furthermore you do not need to use a hex mat.

The capabilities of aircraft within the game have been calculated, taking a common aircraft type of average performance as the base line, in this case the Hawker Hurricane. All other aircraft capabilities relate to how they compare with this aircraft. It is possible that the performance of this or that aircraft might not match your expectations based on anecdotal evidence. We make no apology for this as we are not trying to create a simulation. The resulting data has been kept to a simple format, which enables a Player to control several aircraft during a game, and the overall gaming experience will be improved if multiple Players attempt to “co-operate” on each side.

The abilities of pilots and crew are represented by having Skill Factors. These determine how well they fly their aircraft, their chances of hitting the target when shooting, and avoiding serious damage if their own aircraft is hit. Pilot skill is vitally important in air combat, and Players will need to learn where to position their best pilots, as well as to protect their novice aviators . In the case of aircraft with several crew members, Skill is determined for the crew as a whole. You do not need to keep track of individual crew.

To carry out any action other than level flight requires the expenditure of one or more Orders, which may also require a successful Skill Test. Orders are generated each turn and better leaders generally mean more Orders. Scenario rules are provided covering simple dogfights during an Encounter, for attacking surface targets, and to represent missions where the aim is to get a force of bombers across the table.

Altitude represented during the game assumes that the main combat is taking place in roughly the same area of the sky, and it is possible to climb or dive to gain an advantage, or try to escape.

Players alternate the activation of their aircraft. Optional Tactical Cards can be used during the game to provide additional detail.

Game Data is provided for most aircraft that saw action during the Second World War. We have not included experimental aircraft or those produced in small numbers.

Whuppin' John Bull

Whuppin' John Bull


The Napoleonic Wars are in full swing in Europe...

Meanwhile, in North America, blue-clad American troops face off against savage Indians armed with tomahawk and scalping knife.

But wait.  The Indians are on foot, not galloping around on horses.  And they have help.  They have cannon, and cavalry, and disciplined scarlet-clad British infantry.  On the flanks, American frontiersmen in Buckskin face off against Canadian militia in green, black or brown.

These are not the ordered fields of Europe.  This is the wooded wilderness of North America, where artillery pieces are a rarity and cavalry almost non-existent.  Welcome to the Anglo-American war of 1812.  It's Napoleonics, but not as you know it...

A complete ruleset for recreating the War of 1812 on land in miniature, "Whuppin' John Bull" allows you to refight the small-scale but desperate battles that established the United States as a respected world power.

Use of d10 dice exclusively.

Rules for infantry, cavalry, guns, howitzers, and rockets.  Sample battle to illustrate the game - the battle of Malcolm's Mills.  Includes an easy to follow ready reference sheet.

NOTE: These are the American version of the rules, featuring American spelling, priority and a download set for Letter format.  The British version is "Whuppin' Jonathon" and can be found at

                                                                                                Distant Armada Unity

Distant Armada Unity

"Captain, what's that strange sphere?"

"I don't know, but all hands brace for impact!"

On the far side of the Klingon Empire are more kingdoms and empires with strange and deadly new technologies.

New factions meet as Starmada joins the Star Fleet Universe. Distant Armada Unity was done as a joint venture between Amarillo Design Bureau and Majestic Twelve Games. This 84-page rulebook includes the Lyrans (allies of the Klingons), the Hydrans (how many fighters did they just launch?), the WYNs (safely hidden behind a shield of intense energy), and the Lyran Democratic Republic (a breakaway county of the Lyrans).

There are over 50 starships. There are five new weapons: fusion beam, hellbore cannon, expanding sphere generator, Stinger fighter, and Gatling phaser. Pass through the WYN Radiation Zone … if you dare!

This book is an expansion. You must have Klingon Armada Unity or Romulan Armada Unity. Play will be enhanced with the Starmada Core Rules.

This edition unifies the previous Nova and Admiralty editions, so there will no longer be Starmada fans who cannot game together. The new rules preserve the best of both previous systems, and add dynamic seeking weapons rules that do what seeking weapons are supposed to do: force the enemy to move out of key areas or shoot his way through a swarm of them.

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