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Customer Newsletter for 09/15/2019

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Greetings Grognards!

The new titles that are featured in this newsletter show that no matter what aspect or period of wargaming you enjoy, it can be found right here on The Vault. This time we're showing off WWII naval, Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance land warfare, Sci-Fi space combat and Horse and Musket period Tactical and Campaign rule sets. You can narrow your search for what you're looking for by using the category filters that are found on the left side of our main page. Click on the combat type and/or period categories to find your favorites, or if you know the publisher you're looking for click on them or use the search bar to find them and like magic titles will appear right before your eyes. Which reminds me, we have lots of fantasy titles too. So get to clicking!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Narrow Seas!

Narrow Seas!

Narrow Seas! is a fast playing set of coastal forces naval rules designed for use with models from 1/300 to 1/1200. Book keeping is minimal, with speed and damage recorded for each vessel on a card through a series of Levels rather than keeping track of damage points and exact speeds.
As well as rules for gunnery, torpedo and depth charge attacks there are optional and additional rules covering anti submarine warfare, boarding actions and battles involving forces on land.

Data for over 200 classes and individual ships and over 70 aircraft types covering the navies of Great Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan, France, Italy, the Soviet Union, the Netherlands, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and Tito’s Partisan navy are included.

Impetus 2

Impetus 2

Second edition of Impetus, the popular set of wargame rules that aims to simulate battles with miniature figures in the Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance periods. The extremely flexible system allows you to recreate over 3,000 years of history, from Ancient Sumeria to the Great Italian Wars and even further.

Until the release of the updated lists you can still use the old Extra Impetus supplements (see the bundle offer on Wargames Vault) provided you download from the document that helps you to adapt the lists (with minimal changes).

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book Two, Early Bird Edition

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet


“Here we lay our web. Here we stand between our enemy and all we hold dear. Live or die, here we fight.”

This is the much anticipated A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book 2. There are more ships for empires you enjoyed in Book 1.2: Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, and Gorns. The Orion Pirates and Tholians that were introduced in Book 1.2 now have full-scale fleets you can use. In addition, the Seltorians, deadly foes of the Tholians, are introduced and have a powerful fleet to hunt the Tholians down. There are monsters for your fleets to defeat – the huge Juggernaut, the Planet Killer which breaks down planets for fuel and doesn’t care if the worlds are inhabited or not, the Moray Eel of Space which eats ships, and the Sun Snake which makes stars go nova. There are more civilian bases and ships to protect and a few ships that are sheepdogs in sheep’s clothing. And there is a preview of WYN ships.

New types of ships include scouts to help you in your battles and commando ships to deliver troops to a planet or board an enemy’s ship. New terrain includes the WYN Radiation Zone. New weapons, new traits, and new special actions flesh out this book. There are lots of new scenarios that should test your wit and skills. There are templates to construct your own Tholian webs.  (Web panels are also available on our shop on Shapeways.) Finally there is a consolidated index to both Book 1.2 and Book 2.

The Early Bird Edition has all the rules and information you need to play the game when combined with Book 1.2. When any updates (and finally the Deluxe Edition) are released, they will replace this as a free update. These updates will include more art, information on making your own planets, and a how-to guide on painting Orion Pirate ships.

Please note that you must have Book 1.2 to play this game. Book 2 is an expansion.

                                                                                                Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre 

Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre

Real Time Wargames Gamebooks aim to inspire new and veteran Wargamers alike with novel sets of rules for a variety of periods. The systems are adaptable to any scale between 2mm & 28mm.

This set of table-top and campaign rules are designed to be used to represent the Wars of the Spanish Succession.  There are two elements to the game: A Campaign game using a set of playing cards and the resulting figure battle. The former will give the latter its context and players must be careful to judge that the fight is worth the candle as the epitome of Generalship was the avoidance of risky battles. If players wish, a simple system can be generated to create one-off battles, so that each battle is different or to get players used to the novel battle system

This Gamebook contains:

  • A brief summary of the period and details of the forces of the participants.

  • A set of battlefield rules that can be used to recreate either the early or late period battles.

  • A set of battlefield rules that can be used to recreate either the early or late period battles.

  • A4 Coloured Sheet of Counter: Stick to card or foamboard and cut out

  • Weekly Weather Sheet of Counters: Stick to card or foamboard and cut out

  • 2 x A4 Army Sheets: One for each side. Used for placing your contingents and generals on.

  • 2 x A4 Contingent & Army Morale Sheets

  • A4 Year, Battlefield Clock & Victory Point Chart:

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