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Customer Newsletter for 06/02/2019

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Greetings Grognards!

This week marks the 75th Anniversary of Operation Overlord the Allied invasion of Normandy, a turning point in World War II. A good reason to have an all-WWII newsletter. Luckily for me our publishers didn't let me down! In the last month they have uploaded numerous WWII related titles just in time to remember D-Day and the other important battles in June 1944 from other Fronts like the capture of Rome, the invasion of Saipan and The Battle of the Phillipine Sea. The titles featured here are just a small sampling of the WWII titles we offer, just select the WWII category and check them out. 

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Hammer of Democracy

Hammer of Democracy

So after much pain, sweat and toil, Hammer of Democracy is available.

If you aren’t familiar with our Hammer series of games, it’s a relatively rules-light game for low-level ww2 action, aiming to play very quickly and with minimal rules look-up.

A typical game ranges from a reinforced platoon up to a company or more and plays in a very small span of time, combining pretty simple mechanics with surprisingly deep tactical play.

The game is welcoming of open-ended play where target numbers are set by consensus or a GM, as well as offering a more traditional “fixed” approach with modifiers and tactical factors. 

As always, we offer suggestions for campaign play, a scenario generator and a points system.

You also get profiles for the more common fighting vehicles and anti-tank guns of the war, complete with the formula to calculate your own points values if you need.

This also means if you disagree with our factors, you can adjust them as you see fit.

If you want to play a simple pick-up game, you can generate an overall battle situation and either roll up random forces to play with, bring an army built to a pre-determined points total or any other option you want to employ.

A key innovation of Hammer of Democracy is the Support system, tying in things like off-map fire and using weapons such as machine guns and anti-tank guns in a way that feels truly combined arms, while forcing hard choices on the player.

Playtesters have been pretty universally excited about this system and I think you’ll find it really cool.

Lastly of course we offer a tool box of rules for things like radio problems, fighting in the snow and dealing with civilians, as well as troop traits for commando’s, die-hards and even special hero characters if you like your gaming a bit more pulp.

Whether you are already a fan of games like Squad Hammer and Trench Hammer or brand new to the concept, I hope you’ll give us a chance to win you over.

Basic factors

*All dice used are plain D6’s with most rolls made using 2D6.

*There are no ‘Bucket of dice’ mechanics in play.

*Turn sequence is IGOUGO with reaction options. 

*Game turns are very fast, most being resolved in 5 minutes or so.

*Basic elements are squads/sections of infantry or single vehicles.

*Infantry can be based on team stands or individually. 

*The rules are nominally intended for 15mm figures but has been tested with anything from 6mm to 1/72 scale.

Future updates

When a game is released you go from having dozens of people looking at it to several hundred.

While we have done everything in our power to produce the coolest game possible, it’s inevitable that improvements will be suggested:

Rules that could be worded better, mistakes that crept in, spots where an earlier version of a rule never got replaced, that sort of thing.

Likewise, there’s always more tanks and guns that can receive profiles, rules additions etc.

You will notice that the rules are released as version “0.9”.

It’s my intention that in 2 months or so, I’ll take all the tweaks and suggestions on board and then update it to a full “version 1.0”. You won’t have to pay separately for that, it’ll just be an free update to the rules you purchased. 

The goal is also to include things that didn’t make it in, particularly solo play.

So if you find something that seems awkward, want a better explanation of a rule or have a clever idea, get in touch!

Fireteam: WWII

Fireteam: WWII

Fireteam WWII is a set of miniature skirmish rules for platoon sized battles during the Second World War.

The rules use a dynamic card based activation system along with suppression and fire rules that allow players to use real world squad and platoon tactics.

The rulebook includes all the rules needed to play, including rules for vehicles, artillery, air support and field works. 

The book also includes army lists for British, US, Soviet, German and Japanese covering the entire war (1939-45).

Rifles in the Pacific

Rifles in the Pacific


Rifles in the Pacific (RITP) is the second of Gottardo Zancani’s solitaire RIFLES series (Rifles in the Ardennes). Rifles in the Pacific recreates the sweaty-palms action that characterized the Pacific Theater in World War II in a unique single-player format.  

We have replaced the hex-maps typical of World War II games with three beautiful, yet abstracted maps, representing the Pacific Theater and allowing for endless battlefield customization. A simple solitaire system recreates small firefights (five to ten units per side) over a bevy of scenarios, including beach assaults, riverbank defense, random jungle patrols, raids on AA Gun emplacements and radio stations, and a campaign linking the missions together. Blind chit draws and die rolls, combined with artfully crafted charts create an impressive “artificial intelligence,” imbuing the game with true fog of war.

A fast paced and exciting solitaire World War II game, Rifles in the Pacific offers electrifying tactical challenges in a tiny package.

Rifles in the Pacific includes:
85 beautiful, 1"-square counters
3 Abstracted maps representing jungles and beaches
Four Army Sheets (Imperial Japanese Army, Special Navy Landing Forces (Japanese), U.S. Marines, and Commonwealth)
Eight Action-Packed Missions and a campaign that uses them
One Full-Color Rule Book
One Full-Color Scenario Book

                                                                                Frontline The Miniature Game - Pacific & South East Asia Core Rulebook


Why a Gamesystem for Battles in the Pacific and South East Asia?

There are many other miniature games on the market, but mostly the Pacific is only a side notice. The battles in the Pacific and South East Asia played an important role in the war and for a tabletop gamer it has a lot of potential for modelling, collecting and gaming as well. That‘s why we decided to lay the focus on it, because we are very interested in that period of time and it‘s worth to learn more about it. 

What you get in the Frontline Miniature Core Rulebook:

• Comprehensive basics, optional and advanced rules
• Organisation lists for Pacific WWII nations
• Tanks and gun charts
• Numbered rules set out in a clear order of play for easy reference
• Rules explanation backed by photos and diagrams
• Standard and special scenarios for re-play, illustrating the rules in action
• Rules for air combat
• Practical tips and hints for setting up exciting tabletop battles

The Frontline Miniature Core Rulebook covers all rules you need to reenact battles in the Pacific and South East Asia, including dogfights.
It works for these miniature sizes: 1:100, 1:72, 1:56

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