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Customer Newsletter for 03/17/2019

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Greetings Grognards!

Our publishers are keeping pace with the proliferation of high-quality low-cost 3D printers available today with more and more releases of .STL file titles to run on them. You can churn out figures and terrain for pennies without ever leaving the warm glow of your monitor!

Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games has a great Youtube video explaining everything you need to know about 3D printing HERE.

Featured here are four recent releases, but there are many more to be found right HERE on The Vault!

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Flakturm Tiergarten - Zoo Tower 1/300

Flakturm - Zoo Tower

The Zoo flak tower,(German: Flakturm Tiergarten, Tiergarten Flak Tower or commonly referred to as the “Zoo Tower”), was a fortified flak tower that existed in Berlin from 1941 to 1947. It was one of several flak towers that protected Berlin from Allied bomber raids. Its primary role was as a gun platform to protect the government building district of Berlin, in addition, the Hochbunker (blockhouse) was designed to be used as a civilian air-raid shelter. It also contained a hospital and a radio transmitter for use by the German leadership and provided secure storage facilities for art treasures.

During the Battle of Berlin, it acted as a citadel and by depressing its large anti-aircraft artillery, its garrison was able to provide support for ground operations against the encroaching Soviet Red Army.

-extracted from Wikipedia

We bring to your wargame table an exclusive model in 1/300 scale (6mm). Based in real pictures and specifications. Easy to print and assembly.

Voxelhouse products for your fun!

Modular Medieval Fortress or Castle - OPENLOCK

Medieval Castle - OPENLOCK

Delivered in downloadable .stl file format for your 3D Home printer.

This set include: a complete modular castle/fortress with walls, tower (normly and destroyed), buildings, and some accessories.

This are many parts with very high details (also innerside of buildings) and approx 60 different parts. Attention the download is very big (over 1 GB).

It comes with 2 different kind of walls.

Many items included such as siege equipment and more.

Example Scale factor:

10mm = 40 - 45 % 
15mm = 65 % (H0 Railroad) 
20mm = 75 - 80% 
28mm = 100 % (0 Railroad)

Minimum printbed needed is 15 x 15 cm and 15 cm high. 

Future Worlds Landscapes: Basic 2" Hill Set



Welcome to Future Worlds Landscapes

Landscapes is the first truly modular, scaleable and system agnostic 3D printable terrain system.  It gives you the ability to quickly build terrain featurs such as hills, cliffs, rivers and arroyos for your wargames and RPGs.  These features can be pulled apart and then rebuilt into completely different configurations to suit whatever scenario you wish to play.

The Basic 2"Hill Set gives you a reasonably smooth featured set of hill sections which can are 2"high - this allows for the creation of hills in 1" increments.  The slope is moderately steep and can be used for rapidly creating geographic features which can be used to dominate the landscape and to create areas of significant advantage.

This product contains eleven pieces:

  • External 90 degree corner section

  • Internal 90 degree corner section

  • Sloped straight section

  • Flat section

  • Interior Corner Edge piece

  • Exterior Corner Edge Piece

  • Straight Edge Piece

  • 1" under support (only needed for large hill structures)

  • 2"under suppoer (only needed for larger hill structures)

  • Two versions of the OpenLOCK clip

This set is compatible with other OpenLOCK products and can be used in conjunction with them to create varied thematic scenery

Although designed with printing on fliament printers in mind, the high resolution of the digitial model means that it can be used with both filament and resin printers and that the detail level of the model is limited solely by your printer.

These 3D models can be re-printed over and over to give you as extensive a collection as you want - and you don't have to worry about printing models that you don't actually want.  Print what you want, when you want it.  These designs look great and can be made for mere cents per model.

This product is .STL files enabling you to print hill sections on a 3D printer and in order to produce a real world copy of the digital models you must have access to 3D printer.

                                                                                                   Prospector Rover

Prospector Rover

Prospector Rover Vehicle is a collection of 3D printable files that can be built into a variety of science fiction rover vehicles. They have been designed to print easily and to work with 28-32mm scale figures. The vehciles can be used as terrain for systems like Games Workshop Warhammer 40K and Warhammer 40k Kill Team, Corvus Bellis Infinity, and many other sci-fi and post-apocalyptic games.


Included in Prospector Rover Vehicle are a variety of core components and variant pieces:

  • Prospector Cabin: in two variants.

  • Prospector Body: with working cargo doors, two roof options, and three different rears.

  • Chassis: with 'rocker-bogie' suspension based on real Mars rovers, which includes independently positionable wheels. Also includes three wheel options.

  • A separate, towable trailer that can be added.

The parts in this kit also combine with our other Vehicle packs, to add even more variety to your sci-fi tabletop.


The pieces are designed to be printed on a home FDM 3D printer with:

  • A 0.4mm nozzle.

  • 0.08 - 0.1 mm layer height.

  • 15 - 20% infill.

  • Supports are only required for a few of the .STL files.

  • Rafts may be required for the smaller parts, depending on your 3D printer.

All .STL files are oriented correctly so you can load them into your slicer and print immediately. The parts have been designed to print face-up for the best detail. All .STL files were sliced using Cura and test printed on a Creality Ender 3.

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