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Customer Newsletter for 08/12/2018

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Greetings Grognards!

Here lately we've gotten several naval games loaded up by various publishers, must be that time of the year. So, it's also time for an all-naval game newsletter! There are many more than the ones featured here, just use the search function to pick your favorite era, scale, publisher, etc. and see all the titles that show up. Something for everyone! 

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Naval Thunder: The Atlantic Campaign

Naval Thunder: The Atlantic Campaign

Take your naval warfare to the next level with Naval Thunder: The Atlantic Campaign!

Finally!  A way to enjoy a naval campaign game without boring administration or complex record keeping!

This book provides a complete set of rules for running a campaign game covering the critical early phases of the naval war in the Atlantic during World War II.

The rules introduce a revolutionary chained event system where the choices and outcomes of earlier events and battles influence the events that may occur, and the options you have later.  No two campaigns play out the same way, providing infinite replayability.

The rules are set up to put you in control of the critical strategic choices that must be made within an ever changing environment of limited information and events that may be outside your control.  But the focus stays centered on the action on the tabletop as you battle it out with your opponent!

Realistic strategic concerns create historical choices for the commanders.   "Should I prolong the fight to finish off these enemy ships, knowing that enemy battleships might be heading this way?  Or should I play it safe, take what I've achieved and get out before they show up?"

Victory conditions ensure that players must make realistic choices about trade-offs between achieving objectives and preserving your forces, just as the historical commanders had to.  Fighting to the last shell is rarely the best option. 

Launch raiding sorties, deploy forces to counter your enemy’s plans, evade U-Boats, or strangle the enemy’s supply lines.  The choices are yours!  Can you anticipate your opponent, or will you be caught scraping together scratch task-forces, to counter an unexpected threat?

The strategic choices are complex, but the record keeping is simple and easy thanks to the chained event system and campaign tracking guide.

Also included are a slew of crunchy new rules including:

  • 12 new data cards for ships never before seen in Naval Thunder

  • Sea State Effects rules

  • Rules for incorporating U-Boats into the campaign

  • Orders of Battle for the Royal Navy & her allies, as well as the German forces.

  • And much more!

Naval Thunder:  The Atlantic campaign is for two or more players, and can be played with or without a referee.

Naval Thunder: Battleship Row and Naval Thunder: Bitter Rivals are required for play.

Damn the Torpedoes!

Damn the Torpedoes!

Damn the Torpedoes is a fast-moving intuitive game of naval combat during the American Civil War.  Players do not need to have a nautical background to maneuver their ships, and the do not need to have degree in algebra to fire their cannons—all they need are a few miniatures (or carboard counters) a few dice (D6 through D20), a tape measure, and a horizontal surface (4’4’ is plenty).

             The rules are intended to allow friends sit down and play a fun, fast game with feel for the period, to make tactical decisions about employing their ships and reacting to the enemy’s similar decisions, while providing a satisfactory gaming experience.

             The game includes rules, a reference sheet for ship captains (individual players) with information that players will find handy most turns, a reference sheet for admirals (the lead player on each side) with information that players will find handy only occasionally, a game equipment file with turning gauges, speed markers, and other useful printable items, 10 sample maps representing the coastal, estuary and river waters where the war was fought, and record sheets for 31 sample ships representing both the Union and Confederate fighting fleets.

             The rule set also includes a scenario file for the Battle of Fort Henry in Western Tennessee, the first ironclad assault of the war.  This scenario set includes the historical scenario where the fort was largely damaged but flooding before the attack, as well as a “what if’ scenario where the Confederate defenders are not hampered by flooding, and may even have the support of their own gunboats.  This scenario file includes two record sheets for Fort Henry, one for Fort Heiman, and record sheets for another 7 Union and 3 Confederate vessels.

Cod War!

Cod War!


Between 1958 and 1976 The UK and Iceland went to "war" over fishing rights in Icelandic waters. "Cod War" is a set of hex-based or free movement fast play rules for 1/1200 scale models, “Cod War” includes a brief history of the Cod Wars, tactical rules and two campaign systems.

                                                                                  Battleship Command

Battleship Command

The game of Battleship Command allows players to take on the role of Second World War admirals commanding squadrons and fleets in the many theatres of the war at sea.

The rules are designed for players to command fleets of one to 10 ships however larger actions can be fought if players wish. The rules are intended to be fast to play allowing an action to be fought to a conclusion within a few hours of play.

Battleship Command also includes a new command and control system where the quality of the officers under your command can have a major impact on the game.

The rulebook includes all the rules needed to play, generic and historical scenarios as well as ship and aircraft data for the British Royal Navy, the Kreigsmarine, French Navy, Regia Marina, US Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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