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Customer Newsletter for 03/25/2018

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Greetings Grognards!

3-D printing is really starting to take off in a big way. The printers are becoming easier to operate, capable of better details than ever before, and becoming much more affordable to hobbyists like ourselves. Keeping pace with this revolution, our publishers are loading up more and more .stl files to run on these machines. So, it's time for an all 3-D titles newsletter!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Siege Works Basic Set from Xerbath

Siege Works Basic Set

This set contains the basic elements for Siege works, a sap, a sap head, sap edge, a battery and some accessories.

It is kept in a dimension matching size for the limited space in table-top games (and the general difficulty to mill trenches in a table!) , and can be easily extended by adding more 3D-prints or implementing some expansion models.

The set consists of STL-Files, made for 3D printing, to be used for table-top-gaming scale 28mm and 25mm (1:64 and 1:72)


US Landing Craft from ESLO

US Landing Craft

You will get all files to print this US Landing Craft (2 Versions a open ship and a closed)

Includes all necessary STL files to print the model on your own 3D printer. 

Minimum printbed needed is 15 x 15 cm and 15 cm high. Scale is for 28mm Miniatures (approx 1/48) you can rescale it:

Example Scale factor:

10mm =  40 - 45 %
15mm =  65 % (H0 Railroad)
20mm =  75 - 80% 
28mm = 100 % (0 Railroad)


Modern Warehouse Scatter Terrain by Creepy Heroes Studios

Modern Warehouse Scatter Terrain


A series of Modern Warehouse Scatter Terrain including modular shelving parts, boxes, barrels, pallets, and a pallet-jack that can be used for modern era tabletop gaming.



                                                                              Ironclads - 1:600 Casement Ironclads from Voxelhouse


Generic casemate ironclads for your naval or steampunk wargame. Ships in this set:




1:600 - 100%

1:200 - 50%


Have fun!!


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