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Customer Newsletter for 09/10/2017

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Greetings Grognards!

In this newsletter we spotlight four products from wildly different time periods and combat types to show that no matter your area of interest, we have something to interest you! A couple of these titles are also the first products from new publishers on The Vault and we're happy to feature them here to welcome them aboard, and we hope they offer more titles in the future. Check them out, and give them incentive to create more wargame goodness!  

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Cavalier - Wargame Rules for the Pike and Shot era


Cavalier is a set of miniature wargame rules for fighting large skirmishes from the age of pike and shot covering the period from the mid 16th century to the late 17th century.

The rules can be used to play battles from any of the many conflicts of this war-torn period such as the Italian Wars, the Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars.

The game has been designed with 28mm miniatures in mind however there is the flexibility to use any scale with any system of basing. Games will usually involve small forces of 30 to 100 men or horse and can be played in a few hours.

Standardised stats are included for unit types of the period giving players the flexibility to build any unit they wish be it fictional or historical.


Final Assault from Massimo Torriani

Final Assault

Final Assault allows players to field entire platoons of infantry and squadrons of tanks. The system relies on you comparing the roll of one or more d10 to a reference value (e.g. if the Tactical Value is 7, you’ll need to roll 1-7 on the d10). The game stands out for its attention to historical detail, and highlights the differences between the various weapons of the period as regards their range and firepower. Players must pay attention because they can react to their opponent’s moves, but despite this an average game will only last a couple of hours even if you use four or five vehicles and fifty infantry.

Of course, you can dowload here some free supplements: two Army Lists (Americans & British, Russians & Germans), and another supplement with scenarios for friendly and tournament games. Other exciting developments will follow too!


Accelerate and Attack!

Accelerate and Attack!


Accelerate and Attack! Aeons of War is a starship combat wargame design for fleet actions from Aotrs Shipyards.

The game places the emphasis on tactical decision making and manoeuvre, while providing a technology system comprehensive enough to allow a wide variety of fleet playstyles but without compromising speed of play.

Accelerate and Attack is a generic, open system that can be used with any miniatures. There is no "official" background here; even the sample fleets included are design so that they can be "plugged in" to your existing backgrounds or genre of choice! Players are encouraged to create or adapt their own fleets.

Accelerate and Attack is suited for games of about twenty of more vessels per side for an evening's gaming.


  • Innovative Manoeuvre Factor system and Command and control structure that keeps the record-keeping down to ship damage and the game flowing (no orders to write!)

  • Tech level system with up to 20 tech levels

  • Over 30 technologies allows enormous variety and versatility in fleet differentiation even between the same tech level

  • The "buckets o' D20"-based system* allows for granularity in the tech system while preserving the speed and flow of a mass-dice system.

  • Two sample fleets, the alien Vivrathk Aggression and the mysterious Stone Portals, with ship markers and three starter scenarios to get the ball rolling

  • 170 Pages (including main rules (40 pages), Ship design and technology (68 pages), sample fleets and scenarios (32 pages)).


Accelerate and Attack! comes with two PDF versions, one for single-sided (i.e. regular printing) or digital reading and one with mirrored margins for double-sided printing.

*Or "handful-of-D20 plus the average-dice-table" for the less adventurous!



Stato da Mar from Simon Stokes

Stato da Mar

16th Century Renaissance Naval Campaign Rules.

With the fall of the Byzantine Empire, three major naval powers established a dominance over different parts of the Mediterranean using galleys as their primary weapons at sea: the Ottomans in the east, Venice in the centre and Habsburg Spain in the west.

Players choose one of the 6 nationalities, Kingdom of Naples & Republic of Genoa, Republic of Venice, Knights of St John, Barbary States, Mamluk Sultanate, Ottoman Empire. Profiles for each nation can be found in the campaign book.

The campaign starts in the year 1503 and runs through to 1573. Due to their limited endurance at sea, strategy for Galley warfare is all about control of ports.

Campaign book includes historical background, campaign map, campaign rules, simple fleet action wargames rules, national profiles, printable counters, index of ports and port record sheets.



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