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Voyages Extraordinaires $6.71
Publisher: Wessex Games
by Craig A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/14/2012 02:37:49

Sate your pulp gaming fix with this dynamic and versatile ruleset! As mentioned by another reviewer Voyages Extraordinaires seems, at first glance, to not be very detailed. However that is their key strength! Using a clever Archetype mechanic with individually designed skills you can play any skirmish scenario in a myriad of settings; from the streets of London to the dusty surface of Mars. They capture the feel of Saturday morning serials and Sunday afternoon black and white adventures perfectly. You can learn the rules and stat your existing miniatures and be playing one of the included scenarios within 10 minutes.

My only criticism, one shared by almost every PDF rulebook currently available, is that the contents page is not hyperlinked to the pages they refer to. However, as mentioned in the brief by Wessex Games this is the 'vanilla' easy print version and when the rules get updated I'm sure this is something they'll address.

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Voyages Extraordinaires
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