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For Queen and Planet - The Imperial Wars of Earth and Mars - 1845 - 1930 $15.00 $7.49
Publisher: First Command Wargames
by Andrew F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2015 14:12:40

Reasonable set of rules, but marred by lack of a QRS. Not really sure why it is a VSF set when it appears to be mostly concerned with the historical activity in the Sudan. Definitely needs a QRS and a statement of raison d'etre.

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Creator Reply:
Hi Andrew,

It is amazing that the team at First Command Wargames was discussing exactly what you were saying just the other day.

\"We need a Quick Reference Sheet for Queen and Planet!\" we all agreed.

So your wish is our command! It is, at this very moment, under development and will be made available free of charge on Wargame Vault and on our website at First Command Wargames.

As for a raison d\'etre, the Core Rules are only the beginning of many products that we will be releasing over the next year or so. The rules were written for the Colonial period, but we learned during play testing that they work very well for the VSF genre, also.

The Core Rules certainly allows you to add VSF elements to the Sudan Campaign if you so choose. In addition, the Mars Punitive Expedition of 1901 to Barsoom is released and you will begin to see more of the Victorian Science Fiction elements in that supplement.

Look for the Boxer Rebellion Supplement to be released later this month, also!

Hope you try out the rules in a game or three and give us your feedback. They really are excellent for simulating Colonial and VSF action and the team of play testers at FCW always has a blast playing the scenarios!

Thanks for trying the Core Rules,

First Command Wargames
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For Queen and Planet - The Imperial Wars of Earth and Mars - 1845 - 1930
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