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Old School Tactical
by David L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2016 07:54:11

I could only give this product 4 stars because of the issues noted. I purchased OST pnp version expecting a polished product for the $25.00 cost, considering that it would cost another $30.00-$40.00, to have everything (especially the maps) printed. The first thing I noticed, was that the pnp version is missing Map3 (Stalingrad), so the scenarios using this map cannot be played. That particular map is mentioned in the contents of the game, and was a large incentive in convincing me to purchase the product at that cost. Since there were no special printing instructions, I printed the counters, with the default setting, on regular US letter (8.5 x 11 in.) using a color laser printer. Each page printed with a large blank margin at the top of the page, cutting off a portion of one row of counters at the bottom of the page. After this mistake, I purposely paid attention and was able to set the correct margins on the page and the counters printed fine. Further, Unit Data Card 6 has a single German truck with the rest of the cards being Soviet units. When printing the back of the card(s), the German cross was printed on the back of a Russian unit and the German truck got a Soviet Red Star. I re-printed just the backs of the cards and cut-out the backs needed and glued them on the back of the cards with the errors. When reading the Scenarios, I got confused as to the actual starting forces for each side and the reinforcements, since they stated that the starting forces would enter the map on turn (), and the reinforcement would enter on turn (). As an example, for the last Scenario "The Hedgehog", for the Germans, it states "Startup Turn 20", yet reinforcements arrive on turns 11, 14 and 15. The only way this could even make sense, is if the scenario was 20 turns long. Lastly, there were many grammatical errors in the rules. Proofreading/editing would have solved this issue. An example of this is on page 2, Pioneers and Sappers: "3. Engineers reveal Mines are when moved onto (the unit does not undergo the attack)". While I understand the intent of the rule, a person not used to playing wargames could possibly become confused. There is then another error on the very next line of the rules. At $25.00 for the pnp digital version, these errors and omissions made me disappointed with the product receiving only 4 stars. Yet, even with all of these errors, the graphics of the game are stupendous and of extremely high quality, and the use of 'impulse points', luck cards, and the relative simplicity of the rules still make me want to play this game. I believe that I will still enjoy the game very much after hopefully getting a file for Map 3 Stalingrad. Even with these errors, the quality of the graphics, the simplicity of the rules and the amount of scenarios provided makes me hope that Flying Pig Games will also offer '65 and OST Vol. 2 once released, as a pnp product. At the time of writing this review, I still have not received Map 3.

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Old School Tactical
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