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Irregular Wars: Conflict At The Worlds End v2.0
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/25/2017 18:12:38

A great set of rules! Deceptively simple in appearance, but the chance cards, disease and mishap rolls, and the die rolls for generating your force all provide for suspense and uncertaintly. I highly recommend these rules! I have raised 6 or 7 armies so far since only 60-80 figures can get you into the action.

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Irregular Wars: Conflict At The Worlds End v2.0
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Irregular Wars: Conflict At The Worlds End v2.0
by Charles E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2016 18:20:48

I like these rules. Tim and Ronald have pretty much said it all.

I think Neil'scomment on "holding attention" is largly up to a scenario or campaign designer. For example, some armies might have an "army break" morale dependent on the over all situation. A small force that might find it difficult to retreat back to a safe place (fairly common with small forces in a new land) might accept 60 or 80% (in stands or unit points) losses before losing a battle while local forces with many safe locations to withdraw to might only take 40 or 50% losses before saying "you win for now but we'll be back".

Irregular Wars covers 200 years with a worldwide view. The history is too large to include in a simple set of rules. It's really up to a scenario or campaign designer to create an interest. These rules provide a good foundation to work with.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Irregular Wars: Conflict At The Worlds End v2.0
by Tim B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2016 02:31:03

These are refreshing rules. As the title states these rules aren't for epic battles fought with the set military doctrines of the period. They are designed for battles with small armies of diverse character, allowing you to fight battles that employed less than 3000 troops per side. Thus they fill that gap between big battles and skirmish level fights

They are a clear and straightford to read.....very well written. A quick read and I was test playing them within 90 minutes. The mechanics are simple and clean yet extremely innovative and break from the style of rules flooding the market these days with big price tags and more glossy pictures than substance.

These rules are all inclusive. You won't need to throw even more cash purchasing an endless river of supplements of army lists, campaign systems, etc. You get over 40 lists as well as simple but workable campaign system rolled up in this reasonably priced 90+ page book.

While the rules are simple in terms of mechanics (the rules proper are only about 30 pages of the book), don't let that fool you into thinking they will quickly grow old or mundane to play. Every game is different than the last, even when the same two armies and the scenario are used to start of a game.

The initiative system, method of generating what your army composition will be and the random chance cards shape every battle to be something unique and challenging. Troops and leaders that are seemlngly invincible in one game may show up sick and unmotivated for the next. Not knowing the exact nature of what you may have to command game to game not only adds variety but tests your generalship as well.

The game takes me a little longer than the 60 mnutes stated. More like 90-120 but I'm a pokey player. I'd guess that if I pushed it and kept my nose to the grindstone while playing I might be able to cut that down.

Space requirements are small a 3x3' area is all thats needed for a two player game 3x5' for 4 players.

My test plays were done with metal bases and not actually with miniatures. The fact that I rapidly ordered all of the figures needed to generate all troop combinations for four different armies (aproximately 100-120 per army) should tell the story on what I already think of these rules.

If you want a hard bound set of rules that look better on your coffee table than they produce great gameplay, go seek out the usual suspects to meet your needs. If you don't need fancy lead porn pictures but prefer fast, fun and variable play you can't go wrong with Irregular Wars.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Irregular Wars: Conflict At The Worlds End v2.0
by Ronald B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/08/2015 15:44:35

Wow! This is another great find on Wargame Vault. I have always had an interest in warfare the late medieval period and advent of gunpowder. The only issue is that there are very few games that cater to the exploration of the new world and the colonies (I am unable to think of any). IW has similarities to DbA. But I feel that is an unfair comparison. The writer was very original in his design.

The most important thing that makes this game unique is in the title. Every game will present a new "and irregular" challenge because there are many factors that affect your army's strength and strategies. Your army consists of compulsory and optional troops. The amount of troops you muster depend on your die rolls. Other factors are whether or not your troops are affected by disease or greed or even bribes. The game has a chance deck with 52 cards. These cards can change your strategy for the upcoming battle. In one game I drew cards that made my lord a rash, inexperienced and charismatic leader. Your companies armed with black powder weapons could become useless if a rain cloud card is drawn. The cards and the random happenings give each game a very strong narrative story telling flavor.

The army lists covers a lot of ground. They cover a global view of the world instead of focusing on one war or continent. You will feel equally at home in Asia as you will in Europe. There are lists for Dutch Privateers, Scottish Highlanders, Polynesian tribesmen, the Ottoman Empire, Sengoku period Samurai, Ming Chinese and many more. I was bummed that there was only one Portuguese force. It is not a big deal as the writer gives ideas and guidelines on how to make your own lists. There are so many lists available that you should be able to find something. The writer has a lot of knowledge about different notable figures for each list. A little internet search can help with looking up a unit you are unsure about. I did that with Scottish Gallowglasses. Their dress and weapons closely resemble Viking Huscarls.

The game is primarily written for one off battles and campaigns. I doubt this would work as a tournament unless everyone has a sense of humor about it. The army descriptions give historical encounters and wars to fight. You could do a English raid on a Spanish colony or the Spanish invasion of Ireland. Another option is to do a hypothetical battle from James Clavell's Shogun. Imagine that Portuguese troops are sent to Japan to enforce Spanish and Portuguese interests.

These rules are very well written and laid out. The price is a little high for my tastes. I am glad I took the risk and bought the rules. It is easy to see the writer's interest in this period. I believe that is reflected in the dedication and devotion to these rules. Get this game. You will be very happy that did.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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