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Dreadnoughts At Dawn
by Michael R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2018 12:27:04

Good set of rules. Isnt as accurate as some, but in the same vein is a lot more simple. There are currently only British and German WW1 ships, but adding in your own if you are willing to do the research and play-testing to check the balance is pretty trivial and easy to do. The idea of the dice on the table is to limit the off-table record keeping, but that is still an option that is easily done. All in, a good set of rules, simple, fun and easy to play. Was described by my opponent (his first naval game) as the naval equivalent to bolt-action.

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Dreadnoughts At Dawn
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Dreadnoughts At Dawn
by George S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/25/2017 04:18:06

Quite an acceptable set of rules if you want a quick game lasting an hour or two; a reasonable alternative to General Quarters perhaps. I cannot quite understand the author's need to clutter up the table with devices to record ship data that would normally be held off-table. My preference is to see the ship models "in action" rather than details of my and my opponent's ships spread all over the table. All guns are grouped into weapons of similar bore size, and thus all 12" guns are the same, as are 15" weapons and so on. No account is taken of differences that historically occured. The same can be said of armour; if the ship has 12" of armour, it has the same defence as all others with that maximum thickness; no account is taken of different armouring systems. Ship data is provided only for the German and British navies of WW1, although the author says he will provide details of other naviees if there is a demand. That being said there is a nice system of "orders" that means the players have to think ahead. However, this does again revolve around 2 sets of chits being left on the table to clutter up the game. If you want a quick game and don't mind ship models and clutter, these might work for you.

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