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Customer Newsletter for 02/26/2017

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Greetings Grognards!

Since we've gotten a lot of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and What-if types of titles lately, I thought it a perfect time to have a Sci-Fi, Fantasy and What-if themed newsletter. So here it is! The great games featured here are a small sample of what we have to offer on The Vault, so come and check out some of our alternate reality!     

Till next time, good gaming to everyone, and watch your flanks!

~ Steve

Imperial Skies

Imperial Skies

Imperial Skies is a Miniature battle game for lighter than air ships.  There is a range of miniatures availible from Brigade Models in the UK, which cover many nation airships. Statistics are provided in the book for all models they produce as of September 2016.  Future releases by Brigade models will be supported with additional statistic cards. This game is supported and sold by Brigade Models out of the UK and they ship the miniatures worldwide.

The book itself is full colour with lots of examples of gameplay, charts and play guides. 

It is a fantasy miniatures game set in a period from the late 1800's through the Great War and into the Interwar period. Players can select a period and a fleet from a nation they prefer and set to battle in the air.  


Quad-S: Evolution

Quad-S Evolution

Quad-S has sold over 2000 copies in eight countries since its debut. Everybody from veteran gamers to new blood having their first taste of non-mass market gameplay is being introduced to Quad-S every week. With that kind of following, we had to come out with a second edition. Quad-S Evolution.

The basic premise that made Quad-S special has not changed. Quad-S is still a maneuver-based game that rewards good tactics. Every race is still diverse and plays by a different set of rules that is still compatible with the other races in gameplay. With honorable playing still a major for the spirit of the game, it is one of the main reasons Quad-S is still popular years later, and has generated a fan base of the "good" gamers.

Gameplay: From simple to complex - It's up to you!

One of the greatest strengths of Quad-S is the modular system of play. In other games, the races are not really that different. Sure, the weapons may deal damage differently and may have some systems the others may not have, but the six races within Quad-S all work vastly different from one another.

The way they move, take damage, operate their systems and even enter hyperspace is different! It just makes sense as the aliens are supposed to be different, not sharing off the same technology base! The best thing! They are still compatible with each other! This seamless gameplay is still original and has not been repeated in any space game out there since it's debut!

This allows your Quad-S game to follow the complexity and speed to which you feel like playing! Other games, you are stuck in one speed, detailed and slower, or fast and furious. This also lets the experienced gamer tackle the detailed races while allowing the players that prefer less detailed gameplay to play the other races. The end result is players from both preferences can play an enjoyable game!

 Quad-S: Evolution - Basic Set comes with;

  • 32 pages basic rulebook with eight scenarios
  • Ku’Son’Ri rulebook
  • Husanna Coalition rulebook
  • 11 Ku’Son’Ri ships
  • 10 Husanna Coalition ships
  • 112 printable ship counters

These races have been chosen to give you, the player, the best of both worlds. The Ku’Son’Ri allows for the most fine tuning of strategy while the Husanna Coalition player will enjoy a simpler energy system for speed of play. With 21 ships from gunboats to dreadnaughts at your disposal, you’ll have hours of space battles to enjoy!

See you in our galaxy!

PLAN 1919

PLAN 1919


Plan 1919
Game design: John Gorkowski
Map Art: Ilya Kudriashov; Counters: Tom Russell
Hex Number: 8
Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Players: 2
Theme: Alternate History; WWI

Plan 1919 is a two-player game exploring the most influential campaign that never was: J.F.C. Fuller's revolutionary plan to use new tank technology to penetrate past the frontlines, forgoing the brutal stalemate of "body warfare" to take out German lines of communication via a "shot through the brain". The 1918 armistice rendered the plan moot, and it was derided by the more traditionalist elements of the British Army. But others were paying attention, and the Second World War saw Fuller's vision realized with terrifying effect by Nazi Germany.

The Allied Player is on the attack, with many tank brigades at his disposal - but will they be enough?  The Germans of this era have few armor units, but can utilize anti-tank units and aircraft to mount a stubborn defense. It's in their interest to prevent and minimize Allied advances while maintaining their tenuous lines of supply and communication.

Units represent corps, divisions, and brigades, moving across hexes that are about seven miles across. The time scale of individual turns is fungible and dependent on tempo, but the entire twenty-turn campaign represents about two months of real-world fighting.

Designer John Gorkowski is no stranger to the Great War, having designed a number of games on the topic at tactical, operational, and strategic scales. When Hollandspiele decided it wanted to publish a game on the subject, Mr. Gorkowski was the first and only designer we had in mind, and his experience with gaming the era results in a plausible, believable, playable version of Fuller's what-if.

  • (1) 34"x22" map in full and split versions 
  • (440) 5/8" counters on three sheets, with and without gridlines
  • (1) Player Aid Card
  • 8-page rulebook


Synaptica: Sci-Fi Wargaming System


A fire is raging across the solar system. The Dominion’s autocratic grip has been weakened by infighting between noble houses and powerful corporations, and armed rebellion has broken out. Powered armor and mechs stalk the interior of colonial stations, and non-lethal crowd control weapons are rapidly being replaced. From converted ore tumblers slinging rocks at breakneck speed to high tech rail guns that have the potential to break open a ship’s hull, war has spurred innovation in devastation.

The Synaptica Sci-Fi Wargaming System is a set of fast playing rules, designed to be intuitive and easy to pick up, but also allowing detailed customization of forces. From a small team of rebels to a platoon of power suited infantry dropping from orbit and backed up by tanks, these forces are yours to command.

Featuring fast paced fireteam to platoon sized combat. Commander and Hero units that can be modified with unique abilities to change the course of battle. A set of premade teams, vehicles and scenarios for getting right into the action, as well as a robust custom unit and vehicle designer system to create your own unique force with printable team cards. Rules for next-generation weapon systems such as microwave based crowd control devices, and EMP weapons as well as cutting edge defensive systems like smart camouflaged stealth suits and vehicle based Electronic Counter Measures. 


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